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TCA was established in 2002 and has built a 20 year reputation on highly custom and quick turn custom cable assemblies.  With an extreme focus on tooling innovation and customer oriented processes, our aim is to be able to quickly fulfill any custom requirement in the world of custom harnesses, box builds, PCB’s, molded solutions and prototypes.

Cable assembly manufacturing is an eclectic mix of both electrical and mechanical manufacturing. OEMs need cable assemblies and wiring harnesses to connect physical controls, motors, PCB assemblies, external connections, and other internal electronic assembly components. Cables need careful design consideration for routing, flexibility, environmental ratings, material compliance, ruggedness, aesthetics, signal integrity, and connector compatibility. They also need to be designed around the other mechanical and electrical components of the device. An experienced cable assembly manufacturer knows what to do to create electrical solutions. 

A cable is often the last bit of the product to be designed. Sometimes they fall on electrical engineering, sometimes on mechanical engineering. Often, the cable needs specialized custom designs to meet the requirements for already designed electronics and physical constraints of the custom wire product. 

Cable Manufacturing Company
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Cable Manufacturing Company

Wire cable assemblies are problem solvers in electrical industries. In any tricky electronic design, the manufacturer will need electrons to get where they are going consistently, safely, and without interruption. Cable assemblies need to be highly specialized to their environment and built with extreme precision. The manufacturer must pay consideration to the connector manufacturers best practices, the customer design, and processes that are the most assembly friendly. They often must take several component manufacturer’s parts and maintain connector and wire compatibility throughout a larger assembly. These designs and considerations must thread the needle for meeting physical requirements and getting the correct power and signal where it needs to go. The designs are complex and well considered. Having a cable assembly manufacturing specialist on your side is invaluable.

At TCA, we build your product the way you designed it, and use premier assemblies to harness our wide range leading products. We use our expertise at manufacturing and cable assembly best practices to help you perfect your design. We work with component manufacturer specifications, customer needs, and manufacturing realities to turn your design into a cost effective, high quality product, and inspect it to your standards. Our inspectors hold IPC/WHMA-620 inspector certification, but beyond any industry standard, we inspect the assemblies to our customers’ standards. We use custom test adapters, fixtures, and measurement devices to make sure we are giving our customers exactly what they are looking for within our assemblies.

Custom Wire Cables  

To increase our flexibility and improve our service as cable suppliers to manufacture, we have invested heavily in automated tools, large quantities of manual tools, manufacturing assembly efficiency, inspection equipment, and process improvement. We are constantly trying to procure new tools to improve cable harness production or invent new ways to build cables. Technical Cable is a group of experts, building new, custom designs every day. We continuously learn to solve tough problems and we would love to help you solve yours.

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