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Industrial Cable Manufacturers – Custom Wire and Industrial Cable Solutions

In need of custom or off the shelf cable assemblies for your automated warehouse, cloud server, manufacturing plant or assembly line? Technical Cable Applications manufactures cable assemblies, wire harnesses, electrical wire, and much more for your industrial needs with extreme precision, low lead times and flexible manufacturing to meet your requirements. Based in the Pacific Northwest, our company has been manufacturing custom cables since 2002 and shipping them all over North America, and internationally now as well. 

No matter the industry your need stems from, it’s likely we’ve made custom cable assemblies for it with a past or current customer. We have decades of experience in the cable industry and are capable of meeting your needs whether your company works in the manufacturing, telecommunications, automotive, military or aerospace industries. We also are a manufacturer of custom cables for companies in the medical, energy, construction and agricultural fields to name a few more. 

industrial cable manufacturers

Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses for all Industries – Flexible Custom Cable Manufacturers

Not sure if Technical Cable Applications is the right company for your industrial cable needs? Meet our leadership team here at Technical Cable Applications, and read further to see our certifications:

– Dale Twiggs, President and Founder

– Dustin Twiggs, Vice President

– Curtis Twiggs, Vice President of Operations

– Sean Stenhouse, Sales Supervisor

– Ian Rutherford, Account Manager

– Blake Twiggs, Account Manager

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, ITAR certified and UL certified for cable assembly and hold to IPC/WHMA-A-620 Standard Revision D for our quality control standards and inspections. We hold ourselves to these extremely high standards to ensure that our cables are of the highest quality possible and avoid wasted costs due to mistakes and returns of malfunctioning cables.

We do our best to drive down customer inventory costs and pass those savings on to you with highly efficient processes, and partnering with two facilities in Guadalajara that allow us to take advantage of nearshore manufacturing unlike most cable manufacturers who get all their product from overseas. This partnership has allowed us to improve lead times, lower costs for you as the end customer, and provide lower MOQs for custom production runs. 

Industrial Cables Production for Your Factory, Warehouse or Product

If you need custom cable assemblies for data transfer, power, automation, new products or communication services, our company has you covered. Just provide us with your cable drawing and the specifications for connectors, materials and any other requirements and we’d be happy to give you a quote!