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M12 Cable Assembly

Full Service Contract Manufacturing Of Customized Or Off-The-Shelf M12 Cables And Connectors (Prototype To Manufacturing)

Searching for bulk M12 cable assembly solutions for your commercial manufacturing, building work, industrial production or factory automation? Technical Cable Applications is your custom or OEM M12 cable assembly expert as we excel in custom solutions and off-the-shelf manufacturing. Order your high quality M12 cables for industrial signal (sensor/actuator) as well as network (Ethernet/Fieldbus) communications from Technical Cable in the United States today. Just provide us with your cable drawing by emailing us at [email protected] or using our online contact form and attaching it. We’ll review your assemblies order and provide a quote as soon as possible based on your needs for connectors, materials, configurations, adapters and timeline for when your cables need to be assembled and shipped out.

Working with one of the top cable assemblies manufacturers of M12 cable and connectors means shorter lead times, higher quality products and lowered costs. Choose among multiple connectors and configurations that will work perfectly with your switches and sensors, along with jacketed cable materials that meet your protection needs for the factory, warehouse or field location where the cable assemblies will be in use. You’ll have a one-stop-shop for your cable requirements (off-the-shelf and custom) with Technical Cable Applications. Call us today to get a quote or send in your cable drawing online via our contact form. Include as much detail as you can about connectors, materials and any other details for a faster quote.

We are highly certified and credentialed and have been manufacturing cable assemblies for over 20 years, and our company has grown in capabilities and size exponentially since our original founding in 2002. Here are some of our many certifications for the United States, Canada and international cable assembly:

M12 Cable Assembly Manufacturing

Outsourced manufacturing is the smart way to scale your business without the overhead and complexity of handling manufacturing in-house. You can get assemblies manufactured using the M12 connectors that are the right specifications for your product or facility and the sensors and switches you need to use, and all sorts of other types of cable harnesses and assemblies produced in one place. This streamlines and simplifies everything for your team and reduces costs since we are capable of handling all of this and more in-house. We are capable of all individual parts of the manufacturing process as well, from sourcing connectors, parts, and materials to tricky procedures like crimping, solder work, tinning and assembly. We have highly specialized staff who are experts of all of these processes so that you don’t have to deal with it in-house.

Outsource Manufacturer USA-Wide

As one of the top outsourcing cable assembly manufacturers in the US, your business needs will be met from planning to prototyping to manufacturing and shipping with Technical Cable Applications. For both custom and off the shelf manufacturing of cable assemblies, our team is able to handle prototyping, testing, manufacturing, quality control, inspections and shipping so you can focus on other aspects of your company’s products knowing that Technical Cable Applications has your assembly and harness needs covered. Whether it’s bulk M12 cable and plug needs or custom cable and wire, choosing Technical Cable as your outsourced cable assembly partner means you get convenience, quality and reliability.

Nationwide Shipping

Your cables will be manufactured and shipped from our factory in Auburn, WA to anywhere in the USA, from Boston to NYC to Florida, Texas, California, Illinois and everywhere in between. We also ship to Canada, from Vancouver to Winnipeg to Toronto and Montreal. Finally, we also are capable of international shipping so even if you’re outside of North America, please contact us about your needs for custom cable assemblies. With all that said, if you are in the Seattle area we may be able to hand deliver your cable order: as Ben says in his review of TCA on Google, “Great support, fast turn-around, and since we are local they offered personal free delivery!”

Custom Cable And Harnesses

For customized cable and harnesses along with other connectors and types such as coaxial or RF, Ethernet, ECG, USB, HDMI, fiber optic, ATX, PCI, SATA, request a custom quote today. As your cable manufacturing partner, you can source everything you need in one place when you work with Technical Cable. We are proud to have an extremely creative team of engineers and assembly experts who are able to make your custom requirements happen and make the impossible possible. With cutting edge technology and our highly specialized facility, we’re able to prototype and test out custom cable assemblies based on your configurations rapidly and move onto production faster than the competition.

On-Site Engineers

With on-site, highly qualified engineers specializing in prototyping through to cable assembly, you’ll have direct access to the best minds in the industry. Leverage decades of experience and specialized knowledge in cable manufacturing and assembly so you get durable cable, greater connectivity and increased reliability. Whether you’re seeking 3-pin, 4-pin, 5-pin, 6-pin, 8-pin or 12-pin M12 connectors for automation, sensors and signal transmission, we’ll rapidly prototype your custom cable assembly and move to manufacturing sooner. For bulk M12 cable for any industry, such as: industrial manufacturingconstructionagricultureenergy, marine or telecommunications, talk to the experts.

Quality Assurance

The M12 cables produced in our factory is tested and approved according to IP rating IP67, assuring protection against dust and moisture so that they will continue to work reliably, communicating with your factory automation or other equipment using sensors and switches perfectly on time and ensuring that your operations are not interrupted. This also helps avoid power failures so that you don’t have to spend countless hours diagnosing where a loss of power came from within a complex cable assembly. We also test every order we ship out according to the requirements for IPC/WHMA-A-620 Standard Revision D, so that you can trust each of our cable assemblies to work as intended for the expected life of the cable and longer.


Benefits Of Outsourced M12 Cable Assemblies 

Safety – working with an ISO certified cable manufacturer (ISO 9001:2015) who produces M12 cable in accordance with IP rating IP67 protects your business, your staff and your clients.

Cost – outsourcing manufacturing allows you to plug into a proven system, from prototyping through to shipping, reducing your overall manufacturing costs. 

Reduced Downtime – quality, reliable cable means quick installation as well as either eliminating or significantly reducing downtime, essential in harsh and remote environments.

Robust Connectivity – durable cable and connectors keeps connectivity, speed and up-time to a maximum so that your automation’s sensors and switches get the information they need every time.

Flexibility – with multiple cables and connectors you’ll have total flexibility in manufacturing to suit your specific application and environment.

Reliability – meticulous manufacturing and testing ensures maximum reliability, reduced downtime and better connectivity between devices and networks.

Customization – fully customizable cable manufacturing means you get exactly what you’re looking for without compromise, all in one place.

Product Types & Features

Here are the cable types we produce along with key features…

Sensor/Actuator Cable Features:

  • PVC overmolded cables (Shielded and Non-Shielded Options) – allows for minor vibrations or movement
  • PUR overmolded cables (Shielded and Non-Shielded Options) – suitable for more demanding environments.
  • Key: A coded
  • IP67 rated: waterproof and dustproof
  • M12 Positions: 2, 3, 4, 5 & 8 poles
  • Cable lengths available: 0.5m, 1m, 1.5 m, 3m, 5m, 7m, and 10m; additional lengths for X-code: 2m, 4m, 15m, 20m
  • M12 single-ended and double ended cable assemblies

Industrial Ethernet Cable Features:

  • PUR, PVC or FRNC (Flame-Retardant Non-Corrosive) overmolded and shielded
  • IP67 rated: waterproof and dustproof
  • Key: D-coded
  • Single-ended and double-ended
  • M12 Positions: 4 poles
  • Cat 5e cables (100Mbps transmission rates)
  • Cable lengths: From 0.5m to 30m

Industrial, Fieldbus Cable Features

  • PVC or PUR (drag chain and torsion) overmolded and shielded cable assemblies
  • IP67 rated: waterproof and dustproof
  • Keys: A, B coded
  • M12 Positions: 2, 4, 5 poles
  • M12 5-pole, B-coded
  • M12 5-pole A coded
  • M12 4-pole A-coded
  • Cable lengths: 0.5m to 15m

Common cable applications include industrial machinery, industrial communications, industrial automation, vision systems and vehicle manufacturing. M12 cables are commonly used for automation as they are excellent for conveying both power and data to sensors and switches perfectly on time, which is critical for automated processes where hundreds of steps must be performed in the exact right order and timing to ensure that the process does not break down. Technical Cable Applications specializes in cable assemblies utilizing all types of M12 connectors, cable lengths, configurations of assemblies and materials so if you need M12 cable assemblies, we’re your team.



Whether you’re looking for off-the-shelf cable assemblies or custom M12 cable assembly, contact us for a customized quote. Bulk orders are custom-quoted to ensure accuracy and provide a full list of deliverables so that you can count on your cable arriving on time, every time.
Prototype And Scaling

With a full suite of electronic contract manufacturing services available, you can have all your cable assembly handled by one company, streamlining your ordering.

Whether you need a custom harness, cable or connector that will solve a new industry requirement/issue, or just need your existing assembly manufactured in bulk with better quality, talk to our experts.

Here’s how we’re different than other electronic contract manufacturers:

  • Most can only prototype but don’t have the ability to manufacture at scale
  • Many are large companies that don’t have engineers on staff to test out new concepts
  • Many just manufacture in bulk with no options for customization

But with Technical Cable, you get prototyping, customization and manufacturing all with one company.

Every step is taken in consultation with your team to ensure you get exactly what you need. 

Standard/Off The Shelf M12 Cables

Whether you have a straightforward request for M12 cable, M12 assembly or would like to minimize costs, you’ll have a range of cable and connectors to choose to manufacture.

Talk to us about off-the-shelf cable manufacturing today.

Customized M12 Cables

As a full service contract manufacturer you can fully customize your cable and connectors according to your specific needs.

Request custom specifications like:

  • Shielded or Non-Shielded cable assemblies
  • Coding
  • Length
  • Poles

You can also request electrical sensor and automation coding.

Whether you need male and/or female M12 connector parts or power generators to go with them, you can have these as well as prototype variations too. 



Having your cable manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility means increased efficiency and higher quality products.

Technical Cable certifications include:

  • ISO 9001:2015 certification for cable manufacturing.
  • UL certified for M12 cable assembly (USA and Canada)

Leverage two decades of experience in manufacturing of custom M12 harnesses and assemblies with Technical Cable.

Factory Upgrades And Efficiency

Factory upgrades over the past few years have increased efficiency by 300%.

This means you receive the same safe and reliable M12 cable assemblies as before but faster and more precisely.

Your order is fulfilled faster and you receive the cables you need sooner. 

With the 2021 purchase of a Schleuniger 36SP Crimp Center along with the purchases of additional cable molding centers, we’ve further automated our crimping and tinning processes for extra speed and precision.

As one of the best cable manufacturers in the USA, you’ll have access to fully customized cables along with any size bulk order, large or small.

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