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    • Address: 2840 W Valley Hwy N #102, Auburn, WA 98001
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Phone: (253) 289-5572
    • Website:

    Technical Cable Applications (TCA) is a contract manufacturer and produces products according to the customer’s requirements, Engineering Design Drawings and Bill of Materials (BOM) as provided.

    TCA procures items as specified in customer provided documents and does not deviate without consent from the customer.

    TCA does not verify if components specified on customer documents are RoHS/REACH/etc. compliant, as that is the responsibility of the design authority to ensure that they’re spec’ing in RoHS/REACH/etc components at the design level if that is what they require.

    TCA ensures the product is built to customer requirements as stated in our CoC which is included on each packing slip.