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Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturers

With our facility in the Puget Sound area, one of the most technologically advanced and continually growing parts of the United States, Technical Cable Applications is perfectly placed to serve corporations and companies in need of cutting edge cable assemblies innovation. Our custom contract manufacturing solutions are unmatched and will help you reach new goals and meet stricter specifications, or reach new heights with your product line quickly and painlessly. With over two decades of cable assemblies manufacturing experience, a highly technologically advanced facility, and our unending fixation on quality above all else, Technical Cable Applications has more than earned its reputation as a top custom cable assemblies manufacturer in North America.

Our expansive range of manufacturing, extensive experience of both our leaders and technicians, and customer-focused approach make Technical Cable Applications the premier choice for companies in need of custom cable assembly contract manufacturing solutions. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified for cable assemblies, which is an internationally recognized standard. We are also UL certified for cable assembly in the United States and Canada, and are now ITAR certified as well so we can provide our manufacturing capabilities to US defense manufacturers. We also ship internationally so even if you’re outside of North America, please reach out as our logistics capabilities are vast, allowing us to work with companies around the world.

Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturers

Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturers USA

Striving for perfection with our cable assemblies is core to everything we do here at Technical Cable Applications. The highly advanced cable assemblies manufacturing facility we have built over 20 years of work is equipped with extremely powerful equipment, like our Schleuniger 36SP Crimp Center that offers unparalleled crimping and tinning efficiency, and has massively increased our speed in those areas so we can ship out more cable assemblies with the same quality control. We also ensure that every part of the manufacturing process is done by industry leading, highly skilled cable assemblies professionals who are dedicated to stringent testing and quality control.

We are able to meet and exceed requirements for randomly done UL audits to ensure that our certification doesn’t lapse, and we hold to IPC/WHMA-A-620 Standard Revision D for our quality control practices. We also utilize automated work instruction systems developed in partnership with Scout Systems, which have enabled us to maximize efficiency for every step of manufacturing cable assemblies, and have an extremely detailed inventory system as well to ensure that we not only know exactly which parts and connectors need to be obtained for a new custom cable assemblies order, but also can track down exactly which part has an issue in the event of a testing failure and its full history of when it came to our facility and who manufactured it, so we can avoid similar issues in the future with faulty components.

Wire Harness Assembly Manufacturer

Here at Technical Cable Applications, our team has a diverse and long history of serving almost any industry you can think of with our custom and specialized cable assemblies manufacturing solutions. Even when we first started our wire harnesses and cable assemblies manufacturing journey in a far smaller facility in 2002, we were already committed to producing extremely high quality cable solutions and that has not changed in our twenty years of experience and learning since then. Each cable assemblies order we’ve completed in that time has increased our knowledge and we do our best to never make the same error twice, especially now that our automated work instruction systems track everything in such detail. We are more well-equipped than ever to meet your cable assemblies’ unique requirements but have the same hunger to constantly improve and provide the best cable manufacturing solutions possible. You can be confident that our cable assemblies will last you for years to come and be extremely reliable.

We have the technical expertise and experience to provide custom cable assemblies with just about any connector, component, or configuration you need to have included or utilized in the assemblies. We have the capability of producing cable assemblies and wire harnesses using components from all the top brands such as TE, Mouser, JST, Hirose and more. We also can manufacture complex or simple assemblies for all kinds of applications, such as M12 cables for industrial engineering support, Ethernet cables or fiber optic cable assemblies for high speed data transfer, coaxial cables for telecommunications and broadcast needs or more unusual types like triaxial, ribbon, SATA and more for electronics, automotive, marine, aerospace, agriculture and more. Just provide your custom cable drawing and we’ll be happy to give you a custom quote.

What Sets Technical Cable Applications Apart?

Our commitment to offering innovation and specialized custom solutions, while maintaining quality that goes above the industry standard truly separates Technical Cable Applications from the crowd of companies offering to manufacture your cables. Give us a call or send your cable drawing to [email protected] to request a custom cables or cable assemblies quote!