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Technical Cable based in Auburn, Washington state is the most experienced and well equipped wire harness company in the area, and ships throughout the nation. We can manufacture everything from simple point-to-point wire harnesses, to complex harnesses with hundreds or thousands of connection points and tight space restrictions. But what is the difference between a cable assembly and wiring harness?

Cable Assemblies VS Wiring Harnesses

To start off, let’s describe what a wire is. Any wire starts with a strand of material that can conduct electricity, typically copper or aluminum. If you put two or more of these wires together in one unit with a protective covering, it becomes a cable.

Wiring Harnesses:

Every wire harness has at least a basic exterior sheath that covers the wires or cables within. The covering is typically built from thermoset or thermoplastic material that will protect the wires from most environmental hazards. If you open up a wire harness you will see multiple wires with their own covering, and together they make up one wire harness.

This kind of wiring harness is a low cost solution for keeping electrical systems organized and safe. Bundling wires together like this ensures that engineers and electrical contractors can keep their wire harness systems efficient and at low risk for failure. Not only is it cost effective, but in many scenarios the protection is sufficient for guarding the wires against friction, temperature and other factors that can create issues.

Wire Harness Companies

Wiring Harness Suppliers

Cable assemblies:

In contrast to wire harnesses, cable assemblies are typically a larger group of cables that are wrapped or protected by a more heavy duty exterior material. The building materials used for these assemblies are often items like thermoplastic rubber, shrink-wrapped thermoplastic, or thick vinyl. Assemblies are typically used for more dangerous or intense environments where strong protection is necessary to keep the cables in working order.

We can also custom make cable assemblies that are capable of resisting specific environmental factors. Depending on the size of the area where the cables will be used and environmental factors the cable will encounter, we can use special materials and manufacturing methods that are extra resistant to those factors. We can manufacture cables of any shape and size and make sure they’re shielded from excessive compression, moisture, friction, heat or abrasion.

Wire Harness Supplier

Working with a quality wire harness supplier like Technical Cable is your first step to creating solutions for your custom contract manufacturing project.

We provide high quality assembly and innovation to be the leading cable manufacturing company in the Northwest.

Whether it be a custom harness or full assembly, TCA is the contract manufacturer in Washington for the job. From component sourcing through prototyping and full production runs, we’re always here to service your needs.