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UL Certified Cable Assembler

Technical Cable Applications is a UL certified cable assembler.

The UL mark signifies that a product meets a stringent set of standards for both safety and quality. UL has developed guidelines and procedures to evaluate and certify millions of electronic and electrical components. UL certified components must be tested to meet certain requirements to mitigate risk factors such as fire and electrical shock.

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Battery Cable Assemblies

The battery is a key component in powering our new generation of automobiles. It is an essential to start fuel powered vehicles, heavy equipment, fleet trucks, boats, and generators.  Batteries are used as a power source in RVs, campers, motor homes, golf carts and other off grid applications and used to store energy from solar and wind turbines.  One thing common to all this equipment is the need for battery cables. They make the connection from the battery to other components, and they must be reliable. Technical Cable Applications manufactures high quality battery cable assemblies for all these applications. 

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Custom Cable Manufacturers Auburn, WA

Cable Assemblies for Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency mining operations use various types of equipment to produce depending on the type of currency desired.  The many types of currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cash, Litecoin and HNT (Helium) require GPU, ASIC’s or HNT hardware devices. The most profitable undertakings are often located in high-speed data centers. Operations large and small all have one thing in common.  The need for cable assemblies to function.

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Cable Assembly

Onshore Versus Offshore Manufacturing

There are a number of reasons you may have your assemblies built onshore.  You may also be thinking about bringing product back onshore in today’s market, but there can still be good reason to consider offshoring your assemblies. Here we will explore onshore versus offshore manufacturing of cable assembles. Technical Cable Applications can support both your onshore and offshore production requirements.

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Cable Assembly
RF Cable Assembly
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