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Micro Coaxial Cable Assembly – Cable Assemblies Using Micro Coax

Coaxial cables, often referred to as RF cables are a long-standing staple for all sorts of industry needs and fields like telecommunications, internet, cable television and many more. They are excellent for transferring radio signals and information data at high speed, and preventing interference from other signals along the way even if they are not using extra shields. The core design of the basic coaxial connector and cable has not changed much for many years as they have continued to be used for all kinds of long-range and short-range applications including radio frequency, data control, instrumentation making it usable for commercial, military and aerospace among many other applications. While there are more advanced connectors and cable styles for extremely high speed data transference or completely lossless signal quality, coaxial connectors are still utilized worldwide because of their simplicity and relatively cheap manufacturing cost. Most coaxial cables are for RF transfer (radio frequency) although not all coaxial cables are RF cables.

However there is a newer trend within the use of coaxial cables, which to put it in the simplest way possible, is making them smaller and smaller to fit within increasingly complex products and machinery, with reduced physical footprints as well. Standard coaxial connectors are the kind your typical consumer would be familiar with, while Mini and Micro coaxial connector sizes are becoming more prevalent every year in all sorts of products and applications. This is because the standard style is far too large for the tight spaces the connectors and cables need to fit within. In contrast, micro coax cable assemblies are capable of working within much smaller areas while offering comparable signal quality and durability, making them ideal for space-saving initiatives that are pushing innovation further.

micro coaxial cable assembly

Custom Micro Coaxial Cable – High Speed in a Compact Form with Micro-Coaxial Cable

The simple reason for the increasing adoption of micro-coax connectors is that micro coaxial cables can fit almost anywhere, while still retaining excellent signal quality, high speed transfer and efficient electricity transference. Mini coaxial cables also offer space savings, just less so since they are in between the standard and micro sizes. They are most notably useful in products that have to be compact of course, in fields like robotics, healthcare and industrial automation where space is limited for one reason or another.

This connector style is also great for telecommunications products, and automated warehouses where saving on the real estate of the structure wherever possible is always preferred. When manufacturing coaxial cable assemblies, the space savings of bundling many micro coaxial cables together versus several standard coaxial cables is stark and adds up quickly as well, meaning that even if the goal is not to stuff micro cables into a very small space, the space savings of an assembly using dozens or hundreds of connectors can make the micro or mini connectors more desirable simply for the sake of keeping the assembly more compact and easier to manage in the field or final products.

In modern applications micro connectors are being used more prevalently, even in situations where a standard coaxial cable would have been sufficient, to save additional space and allow for other technology to be squeezed in as well that would have been impossible to fit in past decades. This of course is not always the case as standard coaxial cables are often cheaper to buy or manufacture in many cases, but if the Micro style will open up more opportunities for your product to be even better with new features, it is certainly worth considering even if it’s not necessary.

A group of these Micro or Mini coaxial cables put together in a more complex configuration, often with a protective sheath or shield, is called a cable assembly just like it would be for their standard coaxial counterparts. Technical Cable Applications is the best high quality manufacturing company you can choose for your micro coaxial cable assembly needs, as we can provide custom cable solutions that will work perfectly with your needs and provide high speed connection with a reliable, strong signal. We can easily manufacture off-the-shelf micro-coax cable assemblies that match your exact specifications, or help with custom solutions if you need to bring an older drawing up to code or solve a new problem caused by more strict requirements for your industry, such as a requirement to reduce the size factor of the cable assembly by using micro coaxial assemblies instead of the old school standard coax connectors it previously did.

This applies whether you need a large number of individual cables, or complicated harnesses or assemblies utilizing coaxial connectors alongside other types of connectors like Cat-6, M12, RJ45, DisplayPort, HDMI, USB-C, SATA and more. We can also ensure that your cable assemblies will use appropriate connectors manufactured by, or at minimum play nicely with the specific brands your product needs to use, like TE, Molex, Hirose, Mouser and most other popular connector manufacturers. Our team are experts at ensuring that your custom cable assembly will maintain a high speed signal with as little loss as possible no matter the complexity of the assembly configuration.

Micro Coax Cable Assemblies – Micro-Coaxial Cable Assembly Experts

Based in King County, in the heart of the Puget Sound area of Washington which is one of the most technologically forward-thinking parts of the nation, Technical Cable Applications is the perfect partner to choose for your next-gen products that need extremely precise micro coaxial cable assemblies. Whether you have an existing micro coaxial cable or assembly that you just need a more reliable manufacturer for, or need a more custom solution, we can step up to the challenge and manufacture the Micro, Mini and Standard coaxial cable assemblies you need the way you need them so they can perform high speed radio signal transfer just the way you need for many years to come.

Micro Coaxial Cable Assembly

Our quality control is extremely strict, and even during manufacturing we have constant checks thanks to our automated work instruction systems developed in partnership with Scout Systems. These tools help us ensure that every part of the manufacturing process is done exactly to specification, reducing waste and ensuring that quality is kept as high as possible. Our quality control follows the IPC/WHMA-A-620 Standard Revision D requirements as well to ensure failures in quality do not happen.

Our engineers and manufacturing staff are fully equipped to manufacture micro coaxial cable assemblies efficiently and excellently. We have made continued improvements to our manufacturing facility over the two decades we’ve been in business, and even in just the last two years we have made substantial improvements that have helped us do better and faster work. We increased our main facility’s real estate by 50% last year, and purchased a Schleuniger 36SP Crimp Center as well which has increased our crimping and tinning capabilities massively and led to even more efficient manufacturing for our assemblies and harnesses, with no loss to our high quality standards.

High Speed Micro-Coaxial Cables and Cable Assemblies for Your Products

We’re both ISO 9001:2015 certified and UL certified for cable assembly in the United States and Canada, meaning that we are recognized as being in the top level of cable manufacturers both here in North America and around the world as ISO’s 9001:2015 certification is recognized internationally as well. We have partnered with some excellent manufacturing facilities in Mexico that have helped us increase our output while maintaining high quality, while avoiding geopolitical risk that we previously dealt with in the past when sourcing parts from farther away nations. We are also partnered with great shipping companies who help us not only provide service here on the West Coast, but also internationally to Europe, Central and South America, and all over the world.

Whether you need Micro or Mini coaxial cable assemblies, standard coaxial assemblies, or are in need of another connector type entirely like M12, ECG, SATA, or many others, our team can prototype, manufacture, quality check and ship out the custom cables you need all in-house. We do everything we can to support our strong inventory of connectors and parts available so we can move to production quickly after prototyping and testing as needed. Our team is extremely innovative and are always ready for a new challenge to solve, whether you have a battery cable upgrade need because of increased government restrictions, or an entirely new product that needs a custom cable solution to work. Give us a call today or contact us online (please attach your cable drawing if you have one.) We’d love to show you how our custom cable manufacturing prowess can make your products and projects better!