Coaxial Cable Manufacturers

Coaxial cables are used across so many different industries, and have been a reliable way to transfer electricity and prevent signal interference for many years. While the coaxial style of cable may have not changed too much, Technical Cable Applications is the best company to call for custom coaxial cable needs when your product or project requires extremely long cables, or protection for the cables from extreme temperatures or weather. No matter if your coaxial cable needs come from the agriculture, industrial, medical, aerospace, or other industries in the United States, Technical Cable Applications of Washington state in King County is the manufacturer to work with. No matter if you have an existing coaxial cable that you need a better manufacturer for, or have a new product that requires coaxial cables with custom specifications, we can handle it and produce the cables you need. We have been manufacturing coaxial and RF cable assemblies since 2002, and have always provided quality cables while improving our efficiency every year.

coaxial cable manufacturers

Coaxial Cable Supplier

We can manufacture coaxial cables in the three major size types of Standard, Miniature and Micro. As products become more space efficient Micro coaxial cables have become more and more popular and we’ve done more of them every year, but we still can manufacture larger sizes if your product needs it. We have invested substantially into our cable manufacturing, crimping and molding tools and equipment each new year to ensure that we can provide the best possible coaxial cables and wires faster and with additional fine tuned quality. We can also equip your coaxial cables with protective substances so that they can continue transferring electricity in hazardous or extreme conditions, whether it’s at extremely high elevation or in very hot temperature areas. We’re certified as meeting the ISO’s 9001:2015 quality certification as a manufacturer of cables, meaning that we can meet and exceed American quality standards and be good enough for just about anywhere. If you need other connector types or highly specialized connectors, we can work with those as well. We keep a good inventory of connectors and parts available at all times so that we can prototype new concepts and drawings rapidly, and move to production as quickly as possible. 

Coax Manufacturers

Technical Cable Applications is your best choice for coaxial and other cable types, and can manufacture your bulk cable needs with excellence and speed. There’s no need to worry about whether your facility or products will work properly when they use cables manufactured with our high quality standards. Call us today to get started with your cable order.