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Custom USB Cables and Other Relics

One day I may just up and open up a museum dedicated to TCA antiquities.  Does anyone out there still have one of our original 2002 logo style hats? I can’t even begin to count how many variations of t-shirts, hats, pens, golfballs, catalogs, fliers or other paraphernalia we’ve had over 2 decades.  As we get closer to getting back into trade show mode, it’s fun to review our old displays made eons ago.  When our staff was less than 25% of what we are today, we were already pounding out more than 50,000 cat5e and cat6 network cables per month, all custom made to the inch.


We have custom display boards for all types of assemblies but what caught my eye today was the molded USB we created years ago.  Using a common base USB A connector from a trusted manufacturer we were able to build an overmold that created protection, strain relief, and not one but THREE exit holes.  This old display model may be showing some dust and age but the innovation is beautiful and what goes into it is still impressive to me. Multiple solder joints and splices lie under that tiny mold. I told you custom molds get me excited!