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Industrial Cable Assembly – Manufacturing Experts

Our business Technical Cable Applications was built in 2002, and for almost 20 years now we’ve been building an ever-increasing great reputation for our excellent industrial wire, cable assembly, and harness manufacturing prowess. We’ve been shipping out cable assemblies to more businesses across the nation and the world every year and would love to partner with you for your industrial or other cable assemblies needs. Created with a mission to put customers first and innovate above and beyond their base requirements, our goal all this time later is still the same: to fulfill every custom cable assemblies requirement for our customers with efficiency, excellence, and care. If you’re a client of ours you can trust that you will be taken care of at every part of the prototyping and production process of your cable assembly or wire harness. Industrial and electrical giants across the country trust Technical Cable Applications for our expertise and knowledge of all kinds of cable assemblies and harnesses, and companies in all kinds of other industries do the same. Give us a call today or email [email protected] with your cable drawing!

industrial cable assembly

Our engineering and manufacturing custom cable assembly experts give us the range to do excellent prototyping, crimping, soldering, molding, and final production so we can be your one stop shop for cable assemblies no matter your industry type. We always keep our production tools and manufacturing machines in peak condition so we can be ready to start manufacturing and assembling cable assemblies at the drop of a hat, with no loss of quality or speed. We do our best to keep a strong inventory of connectors, parts, and materials at all times so that we can prototype new concepts as soon as possible, and fulfill cable assemblies orders quickly and efficiently. While supply issues for connectors aren’t going away anytime soon due to the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we do everything we can to smooth the process of manufacturing and shipping our custom cable assemblies to you with as few delays as possible.

Industrial Wire Harness – Custom Industrial Cable Assemblies Manufacturing

Our engineers have been working since 2002 here in Auburn, Washington and we are constantly pushing to improve our operations and create new custom cable assembly solutions to not just meet our clients’ industry needs, but exceed them. Our push for innovation makes us stand out from the crowd of other cable assemblies manufacturers, and each new project we tackle only increases our expertise for the next one, especially in high volume industries like electronics, telecommunications, and engineering. We love to stay on the cutting edge of new cable assemblies manufacturing technology and refuse to let outdated equipment or ways of thinking hold us back. We do this by acquiring new equipment whenever we find our existing tools lacking, keeping a strong inventory of connectors, parts, and wire as needed to help us automate and improve our custom cable assemblies production processes as much as possible, and continually expanding our facility’s real estate to ensure that we can handle all of our orders for custom assemblies and cables rapidly and without friction. These products and solutions have increased our cables output tenfold and improved our operations exponentially. However, our dedication to producing high quality cables above all else, no matter how we get there has never wavered or changed.

If you’ve ever had an important electronic machine fail at a critical time because of a manufacturing error or material failure in its internal workings, you know how important it is for cable assemblies to be made properly and meet industry safety standards. The standards for the United States and IPC best practices are quite high in terms of cable assembly safety requirements, as are industry specific requirements for cables in some cases, but we strive to go above and beyond. Not just meeting the minimum requirements for acceptable failure rates for cable assemblies, but exceeding them so that your custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses are extremely unlikely to fail under expected industrial usage. Our excellent team of engineers and up-to-date tools, connectors, and materials means that we can push to the limits of cable assembly manufacturing innovation rapidly, while still preserving the all important tenets of safety and reliability for all our cables at the same time.

Industrial Cable Harness – Custom Cable and Wire Solutions for All Industries

Once cables, wire harnesses, or assemblies pass the prototyping and testing phase, and everything is ready according to the specifications and requirements for your industrial cable assemblies, with the required connectors and wire materials, we have highly advanced visual work instruction programs that ensure each cable assembly will be manufactured perfectly each time. These instruction systems were built in partnership with Scout Systems and allow us to make sure that your final cables or wire harness production will be done perfectly, no matter how many cable assemblies you need or what electrical connectors are in use. Our strict quality standards match that of the IPC/WHMA-A-620 Standard Revision D so that we can ensure that each cable assemblies order is fulfilled exactly according to what we’ve promised.

We are UL certified with random audits no less often than every three months, and we hold to strict specifications to ensure that our cable assemblies and facility practices always meet UL standards for the United States and Canada. We also recently passed our international ISO 9001:2015 Certification to prove that we are not just good enough for industry leaders in the United States, but for the world as well. We are ITAR certified as of 2023, meaning we can now provide cable assemblies for military and defense applications that we couldn’t before. Finally, we acquired a Schleuniger 36SP Crimp Center in recent years and added a new cable molding station and accompanying additional dies, both of which have helped us become even more competitive with our manufacturing speed while holding to the same high quality of electrical cable assemblies we manufacture that require special crimping and molding. If you need cable assemblies for your industrial manufacturing tools and systems, we’re your best bet!

Why Choose Technical Cable Applications for Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturing?

We work with all kinds of excellent companies across the United States, and our location in Seattle means that we get to rub elbows with some of the top industrial giants in the world on a regular basis. We are equipped to make excellent cable assemblies and wire harness solutions that will be more than sufficient for your quality and reliability needs, no matter which industry your company or manufacturing plant operates in. Call Technical Cable Applications today at 253-289-5572, or fill out our online contact form so we can see the specifications you have for your next project.

Our sales team would love to discuss your options and help provide a bid or quote once we see the types of cables you need, and whether you need off-the-shelf cables or more custom solutions. We can ship not only throughout the United States but also internationally for companies across many industries. Please reach out to us if we seem like a good fit for your cable assemblies needs. Just call 866-730-2961 or email us at [email protected]. You can also use our online contact form and upload your cable drawing there, so we can review your requirements and get a quote your way as soon as possible.