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USB Cable Assemblies

Jul 22, 2022 Technical Cable Blog

USB cable assemblies are a cost-effective way to connect electronic devices. When first introduced, USB connectors and cable assemblies connected peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, cameras, and storage devices to computers. Now USB cable assemblies are everywhere and used for everything from programming systems in automobiles, connecting medical equipment, and charging cell phones for everyday use.

USB Assembly

Technical Cable Applications is your one stop shop for Off-The-Shelf USB cable assemblies. TCA offers a variety of USB 2 through USB 3.2 standard cables with various connector types in different lengths.

USB Standards

The Universal Serial Bus standard released in 1996. The first standard, USB 1.0, was much faster than the typical serial or parallel connections available at the time. The USB standard evolved quickly. The following is a summary of major speed increases in the USB Standard.

Standard Speed Year Introduced
USB 1.0 12 Mbit/s 1996
USB 2.0 480 Mbit/s 2000
USB 3.0 5GBit/s 2008
USB3.1 10Gbi’s 2013
USB 3.2 20Gbit/s 2017

USB Port Assembly

Connector Types

USB or Universal Serial Bus cables come with a variety of different connector types and the cable varies by the device requirements. The connector types include Type-A, Type-B, USB-C, Mini-A, Mini-B, Mini-AB, Micro-A, and Micro AB. There are also Super Speed versions of these connectors available.

Countless Configurations

Technical Cable Applications’ offerings include cables configured with all the connectors listed above and the company also has a large inventory of adapters for USB to Ethernet, USB to HDMI, USB to Serial and more.

Custom Requirements

In addition to the off the shelf offerings Technical Cable Applications skilled specialists are ready to help with any custom cable assembly requirements you might have. TCA stocks cables by the thousands and can custom build anything not on hand. Please contact the TCA Technical Sales Team for assistance with all your cable assembly needs.