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Wire Harness Assembly

Technical Cable of Washington state, in the Puget Sound area is a cable manufacturer equipped to build everything from simple harness systems to extremely custom and complex ones with thousands of connection spots, no matter what your project requires. To explain what all our manufacturer wire harness assemblies include, we can start with the wire. Each wire is built using materials that conduct electricity, typically metals like aluminum or copper. If you take multiple wires and tie or attach them together, you now have a cable. Cables often require additional protection and arrangement especially in environments where there is lots of movement or action, which is where our harness expertise comes in. 

Wire Harness Assembly

The most simple and straightforward type of wire harness has an outside covering that protects the wire inside. The protective covering, often called a “sheath” is often made of thermoplastic material to prevent overheating issues and protect the wires from outside damage. If you were to open up a wire harness, you would usually find multiple cables with their own sub coverings. The package in total makes up a single wire harness. This kind of cable harness setup is excellent for all sorts of situations where extra protection is required, and will often be sufficient for keeping the cables working properly in your average factory, stadium or vehicle. We can help manufacture your bulk harness production run of wire harnesses according to your exact specifications, and needs for safety and reliability. We’re more than happy to build your existing cable drawing as-is if you just need to outsource it for increased production, and we’d love to work with you to help you get there. However we also provide custom solutions that can help improve your wiring harness or cable assembly, to meet new requirements or solve problems the previous iteration had.

Wiring Harness Company

Getting a manufacturer that is an expert in building the wiring harness you need, or multiple custom harnesses, is an excellent way to save costs and keep your electrical systems safe and organized. Bundling wire and cable systems together makes it easy to set up for building projects so you have fewer pieces to worry about. For indoor environments or temperate outdoor climates, a harness is often sufficient and very cost effective. However a wire harness may not always be sufficient for protection in harsher environments, depending on your situation we may recommend other options like assemblies. For instance, a cable that will be subject to bad weather conditions for at least part or all of the year will need to have a heavier duty sheath and protective materials to ensure that it will not be worn down by the elements. Another example is for aerospace flight (a growing industry in the Seattle area where Technical Cable Applications is based) where cables will be affected by massive G-forces and pressure changes as they are launched into the atmosphere and return, where we would make sure the materials will be able to withstand that kind of change every time for years to come.

A wire harness manufacturer like Technical Cable must be equipped with highly skilled workers, to ensure quality and keep costs down by avoiding wasting time with having to remake failed cables. Custom projects that are safe to use more cost effective harnesses are often under tough deadlines and tougher cost constraints, and having a fast, efficient team that can deliver just what you need is Technical Cable’s is one of manufacturing specialties. Our manufacturing team takes it the rest of the way with thorough construction and testing processes to ensure that it will deliver based on your wiring needs. Because we can handle all the steps of production from prototyping, to testing, and finally to full production, there’s no need to stress about trying to manage working with multiple companies for your cable needs and make sure deadlines are met by all of them. We’ll take care of the entire process and make your custom wiring harness assembly with excellence and efficiency.

Wire Harness Cable Assembly

In conclusion, a wiring or cable harness may be the best option for your project’s needs, but if you need something more heavy duty like cable assemblies we are more than happy to assist. We are proud to be one of the top electrical wire harness manufacturers in the nation and stand by our quality and delivery speed. Our custom wire manufacturing solutions are of reasonable cost with incredible quality, and we can meet any wire, harness or assembly need you may have. Our engineers are some of the most qualified in the nation and can meet your needs no matter how strict they are in terms of safety, reliability and power. We use the best equipment available to ensure that engineering expertise never goes to waste because of poor tools or faulty automation. We use only the best parts and equipment to ensure that we can make the best cables possible for your needs, because we know very few industries can afford to have unreliable or low power cables holding them back.

We have been operating in our Auburn, WA facility since 2002 here in the Pacific Northwest, and have only increased our ability to do more complex production runs, and kept up with the newest technology and cable requirements as all industries and electronics move forward in power requirements year after year. We have also worked with companies all over the United States more and more, while still maintaining our local presence with nearby industrial giants that we are proud to partner with. Even more recently, after acquiring a Schleuniger 36SP Crimp Center for more excellent automated crimping of our cables, and passing our ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2021, we believe it should be clear to all industrial companies that Technical Cable Applications is more than capable of handling your cable production needs, no matter how strict your requirements are. Call today so Technical Cable can get started with your project or send us your cable drawing via email.