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Triax Cable Assemblies

The average consumer is likely familiar with the common coaxial cable, due to its usage in all kinds of applications over the past several decades. What the average consumer does not know is that there are a great number of variations on the standard coaxial cable for different needs, whether for additional protection, power loss prevention, extra fast data transfer or highly specialized needs. One of these variations that is less commonly used, but still very much an important type for many industries, is the triaxial cable and connector. While more intricate than the simple coaxial cable many are familiar with, this variation is extremely durable and offers lossless data transmission.

Triax Cable Assemblies

Triaxial cables offer a second layer of insulation and typically can carry more bandwidth than the basic coaxial cable, while avoiding loss of data or power that simpler coaxial cables are more prone to under stress. While this increases the cost greatly for long range applications where thousands of feet of cable are needed, triaxial cables are excellent for shorter-range applications where loss of power or data is simply not an option. Technical Cable Applications can manufacture off-the-shelf or custom triaxial cable assemblies, or just about any other coaxial variation you can think of. This includes classic coaxial, twinaxial, triaxial, Miniature coaxial, Micro coaxial and semi-rigid coaxial options, and if needed we can work multiple connector types to fit nicely together into a single assembly, which we promise will be manufactured perfectly from the very first to the very last assembly you utilize from your order with us. We utilize automated work instruction systems developed in partnership with Scout Systems to ensure that we are as efficient and precise as possible, manufacturing high quality cable assemblies as quickly as possible. We also have highly advanced crimping and tinning equipment like our Schleuniger 36SP Crimp Center, which tripled our speed of doing these tricky processes while also maintaining and even improving quality after its initial acquisition.

Triaxial Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses

At Technical Cable Applications, we can manufacture all kinds of triax cable assemblies, both as off-the-shelf builds of your existing cable drawing, or more custom solutions as needed. While the most common sizes of triax cable are 8, 11 and 14 mm, and the most typical resistance level is 75 ohms, we are able to produce highly custom triaxial cables according to your cable specifications in complex configurations, with all sorts of other connector types as required. We can produce custom triax assemblies for businesses across many industries, including:

triax cableBroadcast: Streaming and broadcast triax cable assemblies are excellent for the needs of broadcasting and media companies. Triaxial cables provide near lossless signal transmission and can withstand physical damage better than the standard coaxial. This makes them ideal for video equipment and connecting various systems together, especially in fast moving, high traffic environments like stadiums. They are also great for satellite and camera related connections which is obviously excellent for television and broadcast needs. It can also be helpful for concerts and other live venue events, even if there is not a live television or streaming element involved since many concert graphics use real time camera feeds. Please contact us about your broadcast cable needs with your cable drawing.

triax cable Aerospace: We are equipped to manufacture aerospace specific triaxial cable assemblies, as we have equipment and thorough testing that helps us ensure we meet the extremely strict requirements any aerospace product or facility must hold to. Triaxial cables are suitable for aerospace applications like avionics, communications via satellite and air control facilities in general. Their inherent durability, prevention of interference and quality of transmission without packet loss are all excellent benefits that aerospace vehicles and control facilities need whenever possible for safe and efficient flights. Please contact us about any aerospace projects to find out if we are a good fit for your manufacturing needs.

triax cableGovernment/Military: Similar to the aerospace industry, cables utilized by the government or military must be built to resist damage and offer reliable signal transfer no matter the harshness of the environment. As discussed, triaxial cable assemblies do this excellently and are often a great fit for these applications. We are capable of manufacturing triaxial cable assemblies for military needs like special telecommunication systems, facilities and equipment. We are ITAR certified as well so we are extra well equipped for military and government work for the US. Please contact us about your government and military adjacent needs, and send us your cable drawing so we can determine whether it’s something that would fit our capabilities.

triax cableMarine: Whether it’s for naval or commercial purposes, satellite communication is utilized frequently by sea faring vehicles as well which triaxial cables are perfectly suited for. Marine electronics need to be tough, have great range and be resistant to salt water whenever possible which we can help with by manufacturing with water resistant and highly durable materials as needed. We can help with your marine cable assembly and wire harness needs, but please send us your cable drawing first so we can determine if we’re a good fit for manufacturing your cable drawing. Our team would be glad to talk through it with you and determine next steps.

Custom Cables Order from TCA

Technical Cable Applications is certified for cable assembly manufacturing in the United States and Canada by UL, and is internationally certified as a cable assembly manufacturer by the ISO 9001:2015 standard too. We hold to IPC/WHMA-A-620 Standard Revision D for our inspection and quality control practices, to ensure that every shipment goes out with excellently manufactured and reliable cable assemblies that will work exactly as you expect. You can trust Technical Cable with your cable assembly needs whether you need coaxial, triaxial, M12, or all sorts of other cable types. We are also able to ensure that your cables will integrate perfectly with your product or system, whether it needs to work with TE, Mouser, Hirose or other specific brands of connectors. Just give us a call or contact us with your cable drawing so we can get started!