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Battery Cable Manufacturers

In need of a specialized cable manufacturer to produce an OEM, large gauge or unusual battery cable in bulk? Not every custom cable manufacturer has the equipment and expertise to crimp large cables properly, nor the capability to ensure that the battery cables will work perfectly with cumbersome or uncommon battery terminals, but Technical Cable Applications has the advanced equipment needed for these kinds of heavy duty cables! Even if your cable assembly has a very large OD, a highly complex assembly configuration or requires especially heavy materials that are difficult to crimp without the right tools, our facility has the equipment needed to handle production of these kinds of battery cables in bulk orders. This includes our Schleuniger 36SP Crimp Center which is an extremely advanced machinery product that lets us crimp just about anything we need precisely and powerfully, and increases the speed of crimping and tinning tenfold as well. We can produce off the shelf assemblies exactly as your specifications need, but also possess the capability to provide custom solutions and help solve problems caused by new requirements in your industry.

Battery Cable Manufacturers

For Technical Cable Applications, our journey to becoming one of the top battery cable assemblies manufacturers in the nation started with a simple vision–to provide innovative and reliable cable solutions to our customers. We have grown our range of services exponentially since starting out in 2002 as a small company, and are proud to have not only expanded our facility but our team as well. We are confident that we have some of the best technicians and manufacturing minds in the United States right here at our Seattle facility every day, and we are grateful for that as all of our technicians and staff are the lifeblood of what makes Technical Cable Applications special.

Though they are often unseen and may not be immediately thought of for static factories and facilities, battery cables are extremely important for many products, systems, warehouses and factories as they enable power to be stored for applications like renewable energy facilities, while also offering mobile power capabilities for electric vehicles and other moving products that need power within facilities. Of course, they are also heavily used in the automotive industry as electric cars and trucks are becoming highly popular for both consumer and commercial purposes, while agricultural tools and vehicles are now starting to be battery powered as well in some cases. Especially large gauge locomotive cables and battery cable products are also a common item we manufacture, which affects many industries throughout the United States since so much cargo is shipped via train.

Because they are used across so many industries, battery cables are extremely common but also come in a near endless variety of sizes, styles, materials and connectors so they can fit within all kinds of products and be used with all the various battery terminals in use. Technical Cable Applications is a highly experienced candidate and can provide the custom or off the shelf battery cables and assemblies you need. If you are sifting through battery cable manufacturers online for your bulk battery cable needs, please take a moment to send us your cable drawing via our online contact form or email it to us at [email protected]. If you have info about the terminal and application of the battery cable handy, that context will be helpful so we can get you a quote sooner.

Custom Battery Cable and Wire Manufacturing for your Products

battery cable manufacturers

Here at Technical Cable Applications, we believe it is undeniable that low quality battery cables are not worth the risk for our customers. Not only can poorly made or cheap battery cables made with poor materials cause power loss that prevents batteries from being able to function properly and having shortened battery life, or worse causing failures at critical times. However, faulty battery cables can also be a safety hazard due to risk of electrocution of technicians, short circuiting causing sparks to fly and potentially start a fire, and more dangerous scenarios that can arise when a cable fails. Since batteries, terminal locations and their attached cables are often in close proximity to our clients’ customers as they use electric vehicles, specialized power equipment, or as technicians are repairing a hydro or solar renewable energy facility, there is no room for shoddy battery cables that could lead to a small or major failure. Technical Cable Applications holds to extremely strict quality and safety standards, only sources connectors and materials like copper from highly reputable suppliers and invests in the best technology available to us. This helps us stay at the cutting edge as a high volume battery cables producer and gives us the flexibility for providing custom battery cables.

We are an extremely versatile battery cable manufacturer, providing assemblies and harnesses for companies all over the United States in dozens of unique industries. Whether you’re in need of giant battery cable assemblies for locomotive or industrial applications, or micro coaxial assemblies designed to fit within an extremely small product or facility space, we have an abundance of advanced equipment and some of the best technicians in the nation. This combination ensures that we can meet your need with custom solutions and extreme quality control. We are UL certified for cable assembly in the United States and Canada, and are also ISO 9001:2015 certified which is an internationally recognized standard for excellence. These standards apply to both our employees and our equipment so you can have confidence in our orders being done rapidly and perfectly. We also can ship anywhere within North America and around the world, ensuring that you don’t need to also worry about shipping logistics or picking up your order yourself (although if you happen to be near our cable production facility, we may be able to hand deliver to you or invite you to our location for a tour as you pick it up!)

We and all the top battery cable manufacturers understand that excellent cable making is both an exercise in precision and creativity. Our highly experienced cable manufacturing experts are both knowledgeable and creative, while our technicians perform the important tasks of prototyping, testing, crimping, tinning, assembling, inspecting and more with extreme care and attention to detail. We also are highly flexible and able to meet unusual or extra strict requirements for the cables that we manufacture, and this is intentional as we strive to be the best option for just about any client we could possibly get whether they need cables for battery products or something else like data transfer. This requires ingenuity to solve new problems with custom solutions, and dedication to getting it right without unnecessary wasting of materials or time. We also keep a strong inventory of cables, connectors, materials and testing items to ensure that we can jump on prototyping a new order of battery cables or other kinds of cable assemblies right away.

Large Gauge Battery Cable and Wire

We take additional steps to ensure our quality, like using the highly advanced automated work instructions developed in tandem with our partners at Scout Systems, which not only help us ensure that every step of the manufacturing process of battery cables is done properly, but helps us optimize our methods every time we work on a new assembly, as these systems allow us to identify where progress is being slowed down or where mistakes are most likely to happen, so we can minimize these issues and improve. The answer is obvious: call Technical Cable Applications today to get started on your cable assembly or wire harness bulk order. We offer extreme quality and highly competitive lead times like the biggest manufacturers in the US, with the same excellent customer service and flexibility we started with when we were founded in 2002. Please send us your cable drawing or specifications so we can get started.

For industry experts searching for the best battery cable manufacturers that can take their products to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Technical Cable Applications is an excellent choice for your off-the-shelf or custom battery cable manufacturing needs, no matter the complexity of your cable drawing, or the dozens of variations you may need of your battery cables. Our long-standing and unwavering commitment to precise cable manufacturing ensures that you can rely on our cables to perform exactly as they are supposed to and more, giving you peace of mind that your products will work as they are supposed to and even exceed your expectations for longevity and reliability. Contact us at [email protected] or call 866-730-2961 so we can find out what you need and get started right away on your order.

Why Choose TCA?

Clocking in at over two decades of experience, our company is comprised of cable manufacturing experts and highly qualified technicians that are the best at what they do. Our team is passionate about delivering perfect cable manufacturing solutions to meet and exceed our customers’ needs. Just view our certifications to see that we are a trusted and highly reputable manufacturer of battery cables and much more. We can handle all of your cable, wire, assembly and harness needs whether you require custom solutions or bulk off the shelf orders.