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Technical Cable Applications

Technical Cable Applications is a contract cable manufacturer specializing in the field of custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses. With a huge selection of automated and manual tools to prepare outsourcing products, Technical Cable can build your custom designed parts and cables, and inspect the finished goods for perfection.

At Technical Cable Applications, the first and most important step of the cable manufacturing process is pre-planned design. Manufacturing cables and harness assemblies requires custom solutions. Each assembly production is different, and each cable project brings forth new and exciting engineering.

Technical Cable Application's team works with highly qualified cable manufacturers. Together, they work to make sure that the services and parts needed are assembled and delivered perfectly. TCA performs manufacturing solutions quickly, and without losing sight of the customer’s need for custom services and high-quality results.

Cable Manufacturers

Once the cables designs are approved, TCA orders the parts needed to begin proper cable assembly production. Automation has been developed for aspects of contract cable and harness assembly like automated wire cutting, stripping, crimping, 3D printing, and injection molding. Much of the work is custom made, by IPC certified and trained cable technicians.

At TCA, wire cutting is often the beginning. This phase is mostly automated with our robotic despoiling and wire cutting machines to produce the correct lengths. Followed by stripping and adding custom connectors, the cable is stripped back to reveal its core.

With the cores exposed, custom connectors can be added. Doing this includes crimping and soldering the wire into the proper connections. Many manufacturing steps are automated, and those that cannot be automated are done by hand by skilled custom operators.

The terminated wires are gathered up and crafted into the contract harnesses themselves. This step requires most of the manual wire. Each wire is fed through or bundled together, taped off and measured to make sure the dimensions match the manufacturer design specifications. TCA adds coverings, braiding, heat shrinkable tubing, transition boots, and tubing products as required.


Cable Manufacturing Company

When the cable manufacturing or custom wire harness is finished, thorough inspection is completed to all assemblies, to inspect the drawing for dimensions, continuity, and note compliance. Each step in the product inspection procedure is monitored and tracked. Any manufacturing failures are fixed, parts are retested, and moved to shipping when the manufacturing is approved.

Technical Cable Applications is a manufacturer for tens of thousands of completely custom contract cables and quality wiring harnesses projects per month.

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Services and Products We Provide

Technical Cable Applications has been in business since 2002 and is constantly pushing the boundaries on cable assembly.

collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition.

Technical Cable Applications can build very simple harnesses or extremely complex harnesses with hundreds of harnesses.

Coax cables are typically point to point assemblies designed to carry a radio frequency signal from one point to another.

TCA utilizes MoldMan thermoplastic machines to over mold assemblies for cables by the thousands.

Wire cable assemblies are problem solvers in electrical industries.

Industrial Ethernet cables are the industry standard for rugged data connections.

Contract manufacturers are companies that contract with a firm for parts or products.

Technical Cable Applications — the company of tomorrow connecting you today.

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