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UL Certified Cable Manufacturer

Dec 1, 2021 Technical Cable Blog

Technical Cable Applications is a UL certified cable assembler.

The UL mark signifies that a product meets a stringent set of standards for both safety and quality. UL has developed guidelines and procedures to evaluate and certify millions of electronic and electrical components. UL certified components must be tested to meet certain requirements to mitigate risk factors such as fire and electrical shock.

UL Certified Manufacturer


Quality of finished products is a real concern for most manufacturers when outsourcing cable assemblies. Some of the issues that have become more common place include the use of substitute or counterfeit materials. These materials may be of inferior quality and may not be suitable for the application. UL has a division that focuses on counterfeit product working with law enforcement to remove products that have counterfeit UL marks from distribution. They help develop solutions to identify the manufacturers and distributers to stop the flow of illegal product.


Technical Cable Applications is randomly audited every three months by UL to assure that assemblies that are labeled are built according to specification with the designated components. Inventory may be assessed to assure that the materials used meet the requirements including the proper certification marks. The process also involves an evaluation to assure that records are kept properly, and that only authorized UL Labels are being used. 

UL Certified Cord


Technical Cable Applications manufactures customized cable assemblies according to UL wiring harnesses category ZPFW2 and ZPFW8 on request. ZPFW2.E363245 – Wiring Harnesses Certified for US – Component and ZPFW8.E363245 – Wiring Harnesses Certified for Canada – Component. The UL Recognized Component Mark on the smallest bundle or unit container in which a product is packaged is the only method used to identify wiring harnesses manufactured under the UL Recognition and Follow-Up Service programs.

Technical Cable Applications is a certified ISO 9001:2015 cable manufacturer, and all of our assemblies are built in accordance with IPC/WHMA-A-620 Standard Revision D standards as well. 

Remove the risk of purchasing non-compliant products or having faulty cables ruin your manufacturing efforts by purchasing your cable assemblies from Technical Cable Applications based in the Seattle, WA area. Please contact our technical specialists for assistance with your all your cable assembly and harness needs. You can call us or send a quote with your cable drawing or specifications and we will help you right away. We can provide off-the-shelf solutions or custom UL certified cables as needed.