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Located in one of the top aerospace design, manufacturing and spaceflight areas in the nation here in the Pacific Northwest area, Technical Cable has extensive experience in manufacturing cables that are used in the aerospace industry every day by companies right here and across the nation. We have the engineering expertise and tools to supply the kind of aerospace wires and cables needed by aerospace engineers at companies like Boeing, SpaceX and Blue Origin here locally, and also ship out to aerospace companies and military manufacturers across the country all the time. The aerospace industry is one of the most technically demanding engineering fields you can possibly work in, due to the extreme complexity of maintaining flight safety for military pilots, commercial passengers and astronauts in every way possible but our wire and cable manufacturing experts are up to the challenge. We are ITAR certified with the US government which is often required for aerospace applications here in the states as well.

This requirement for safety at all parts of aerospace flight missions requires not just the vehicles being used for flight to be safe and powerful, but also requires that onboard telecommunications with facilities on the ground are flawless and reliable. No successful and safe aerospace mission or test can be done properly without proper electrical, radar, radio and mapping technologies and our cable and wire harness solutions are the perfect choice to keep your pilots, engineers and tower control employees safe. Technical Cable Applications is your top source for aerospace wire, cables and harnesses and can meet these standards of technical excellence as needed. Whether your aerospace wire and cable needs are for jet engines, on-board electronic systems, tracking and radar, hangar needs, or tower control needs for a congested airport, we can manufacture cables according to your specifications and project requirements. We’ve worked with dozens of aerospace and aerospace-adjacent manufacturers and companies, and would love to work with you regarding your aerospace wire and cable needs too. Contact us at [email protected] or on our online form.

aerospace cable manufacturers

Aerospace Cable – Contact Us About Your Aerospace Wire Applications

The aerospace industry is extremely wide in terms of applications and requirements, but we have the range in our engineering expertise to match your needs. Whether it’s a military remote weapon with a need for high quality signal priority electronics, experimental space travel bringing civilians safely to space and back, or commercial airliner development, our bleeding edge cable manufacturing facilities are more than capable of meeting the challenge. Whether you’re in need of several hundred high quality cables for an already developed concept that is now being manufactured en masse, or need engineering expertise to help make a new cable that will meet the voltage requirements of a new aerospace vehicle, our engineering and production teams are highly knowledgeable, flexible and well equipped.

We can custom manufacture our cables to fit perfectly within your innovative aerospace designs, rather than being forced to make solutions that “play nice” with existing cable options. We are able to meet and exceed your bleeding edge technology requirements and relish the opportunity to manufacture new options for your needs. Our engineers are extremely knowledgeable and are flexible to work with your project requirements whether you have cable drawings. We’ll prototype, test and manufacture your special custom cable, harness or assembly that will get your project to the finish line. No matter the demanding requirements for your project in power supply, data transfer, or durability, we will put together and manufacture the exact cable or assembly solution you need with efficiency and excellency. Contact us today!

Aerospace Cable Harness

We also make an effort to constantly future proof our technology and our staff. We hire the best and brightest engineers available with lucrative benefits, pay and opportunities for growth, and also frequently invest in new technologies for wire production so that we can stay ahead of tech requirements and never fall behind due to outdated machinery. We never want to become complacent and find ourselves falling behind in efficiency, potential or quality. Our long-term clients demand near perfection, and they should as there is no room for poor quality cables or waiting on lazy manufacturers who can’t be efficient when you’re in their respective industries, especially those who are in aerospace. We meet and exceed this challenge of constant improvement because we love to manufacture the best cable and harness solutions possible and never believe that we have reached the pinnacle of what is possible in our engineering and manufacturing processes. There is always more to learn, more to improve, and more to prove so that we can take on more challenging and special work. This means that we consistently buy new equipment that allows us to do our job even better, and look out for areas where we can prove our capabilities with certifications and quality assurance awards.

For instance, in 2021 we acquired a Schleuniger 36SP Crimp Center that allowed us to save hundreds of hours and get more precise crimping work done for our cables, paying for itself in less than a year and allowing us to take on more ambitious and large projects than ever before. We also completed the ISO’s 9001:2015 Certification as a company in 2021, and this certification is an international standard for quality assurance that one and a half million corporations around the world use to assure their quality. Finally, we maintain our UL Certified Cable Assembler status by always being prepared to pass and passing random audits as they are done by UL. This all goes to show our focus on staying above and beyond the safety and excellence requirements for the United States, but we felt that passing this certification would prove that we are not just good enough for America, but able to provide our services to anyone, anywhere with excellence and high quality. Whether your team is building aerospace solutions for space travel or Earth travel, our team is here to be your #1 cable and harness provider for your power and electronic communication needs and are available to contact at any time.

We strive to go above and beyond IPC best practices so that every project is done without compromises. The aerospace industry has no room for shortcuts so we don’t take any. Call us today or fill out our online contact form!