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Nearshore Manufacturing

We’re proud to announce strategic alliances with two prominent manufacturing facilities located in Guadalajara. These partnerships mark a significant milestone in TCA’s commitment to delivering exceptional quality, competitive pricing, and expedited shipping to its valued clientele.

With a focus on enhancing customer experience and streamlining operations, TCA’s nearshore collaboration with these Mexican manufacturing facilities ensures swift delivery times compared to offshore shipments, which often take weeks or months. Shipping within the same continent allows for vastly improved lead times and simpler logistics planning, compared to overseas cargo shipments.

These partnerships also enable TCA to offer highly competitive pricing without compromising on product quality. By leveraging the cost efficiencies and expertise of these Mexican facilities, TCA can pass on significant savings to its customers while maintaining the highest standards of excellence. Every item produced at the facilities in Guadalajara goes through strict quality control checks before being shipped to Technical Cable’s facility in Washington state, and then checked again there after final assembly. This provides extremely thorough quality control that isn’t always possible with offshore production.

One additional benefit of nearshore manufacturing that Technical Cable has benefited from is the lack of tariffs, as there are no tariffs or restrictions on shipments from Mexico. Not only does this help save on costs, but it also makes budgeting easier as tariff fees are sometimes delayed, leaving purchasers in the dark about exactly how much they are spending. Tariff rates also vary depending on what is being shipped, so avoiding them altogether makes logistics much simpler.

The partnerships with the manufacturing facilities in Guadalajara underscore TCA’s dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction, and international growth. By expanding our network of manufacturing partners, TCA remains at the forefront of the industry, delivering unparalleled value to customers in North America and worldwide.