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Supplying Products from Mexico

Over the past few years many of our prospective customers have come to us in a logistical bind. Years ago they outsourced a product to Chinese manufacturers and spec’d in very low pricing. The problem is that lead times have grown drastically out of Asia in the past few years and consistency has decreased. What was a mere 8-12 weeks to ship product from China quickly grew to 22 or more. What was a quick shipment of 4 weeks by shipping vessel over the Pacific Ocean turned into weeks longer as shipping containers sat at the docks until they could be shipped. Local ports stateside were rife with struggles and the lead times extended further. TCA has worked hard to foster great relationships in Mexico. The solution has been to move these products back to North America where have found prices to be competitive but lead times to be typically within a few weeks delivered. A shipment from Mexico could arrive stateside by truck within a few days vs the 3-6 weeks it can take by sea going vessel.