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Automated Work Instruction Systems

TCA utilizes unique work instruction and data tracking software created by our partners at Scout Systems. The software allows our first article engineers to create visualized work instructions by photographing each step of a build along with specific instruction, tooling requirements and additional notations where appropriate. An interesting feature is the ability to track batch builds and create time trials. In one particular trial we found that a crimp tool requirement (manufacturer specific) was inadequate and over time a batch of substantial volume would begin to slow down due to the cumbersome nature of the tooling. An assembly that may start out at 2 minutes for crimp time was eventually slowing to 4, 5, or 6 minutes by assembly 100. The data presented a clear opportunity for improvement. By developing a better tooling solution and a custom pneumatic press, we were able to eliminate the previous slow down and improve our efficiency substantially. The 100th assembly is now finished as quickly as the first.