Coaxial Cable Assemblies

The simple, but extremely practical coaxial cable has been a staple for just about any industry needing electricity transfer for decades, especially the telecommunications, TV and radio industries. While a single, six foot long coaxial wire may not have much complexity to it on the surface, even the most basic wire or cable still needs to be manufactured precisely and with the right equipment to ensure that it won’t fail due to power surges, inclement weather, or physical damage. Meanwhile as soon as you introduce very long wires, cables with dozens of coaxial wires within, and start putting them together into assemblies with multiple connections it can get complex very quickly. We build custom and off the shelf coaxial assemblies to support your manufacturing, networking or production needs, at any complexity level. Whether you need an assembly with hundreds of different coaxial connections, or even integrate other connector and cable types to hook up dozens of different machines to one another and get power or data transferred exactly to the right places, our cable manufacturers and technicians are extremely skilled at not only manufacturing excellent wires and cables to start, but putting together your assembly with care and precision so it will serve you for years to come. Technical Cable Applications is the right cable manufacturer to call for your wire, cable, harness and assembly bulk needs.

Coaxial Cable Assemblies

We are located in King County, WA close to Interstate 5 which makes it extremely easy for us to provide our cables to anyone on the West Coast, and we have great shipping partnerships that help us serve the Midwest and East Coast. We also expanded our sales department to Arizona in 2022 as well, so if you’re in the Southwest we can serve you with just as much personal care as we do for our based Seattle customers. Finally, we have partnered with two excellent facilities in Mexico that have made a huge difference in improving our lead times while maintaining our quality assembly manufacturing, and we’re proud to have more manufacturing done in North America now than ever before since our founding in 2002. Choose us for your coaxial cable order needs as we can help you bring your business to the next level with our high quality cable prototyping, fabrication and manufacturing services.

Coax Assemblies

Our cable manufacturing facility in Auburn, Washington has been producing and manufacturing coaxial cable assemblies since 2002, and while our business has grown substantially since then we have maintained our commitment to quality and only improved our efficiency. We can handle your bulk coaxial cable and coaxial assembly orders, whether you have custom specifications and need help meeting them, or have an existing off-the-shelf assembly that needs to be manufactured with better quality. We are able to manufacture coaxial cable assemblies using any of the common coaxial connectors, which are Standard, Miniature and Micro. Micro coaxial assemblies are becoming more common in many products since they conserve so much space compared to their old school cousins, while still providing excellent power transfer. We can still provide standard coaxial assemblies of course, but have adjusted and improved our manufacturing processes to ensure that we can produce bulk orders of all these types of coaxial assemblies and cables with the same excellence no matter which one(s) you need. You can trust us with your coax cable assembly needs, as we have a vast amount of experience with manufacturing these cables that newer manufacturing companies may not have. Not only do we have extremely knowledgeable and skilled technicians in our employ, but we also utilize automated work instruction systems from our partners at Scout Systems that allow us to optimize every single step of our manufacturing processes for speed and quality.

Coaxial Cable Assembly Manufacturers

We’ve invested greatly into our equipment, facility and staff each year to ensure that we can keep up with increasingly strict power and safety requirements, whether because of governmental law changes regarding energy, or consumer demands brought on by new technology that is being adapted widely. We do this to not only stay on the cutting edge of technology, but also continue our legacy of excellent cable assembly manufacturing. Not only can we manufacture standard cable assemblies faster and with more quality than most businesses could in-house, we also offer custom solutions and can tailor our manufacturing to meet your unique needs. We strike the perfect balance between being able to offer massive orders of bulk cables with no risk of delay that a smaller manufacturer might have, and also still being able to provide the personal and custom touch that our customers greatly appreciate. You can get on the phone with our sales and support staff easily during our business hours and we are happy to update you on your order status at any time, and we proactively keep you up to date with progress as well. If you were to ask our long term customers why they stick with us, we are confident they would tell you that Technical Cable Applications provides exactly what they need and is highly communicative. We hope you’ll choose us as well so we can get started on your first cable assembly bulk order.

coaxial cable assemblies

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified for cable manufacturing, which is a global standard showing that we can not only meet and exceed United States quality standards but international ones as well. We’re UL certified for cable assembly for Canada and America as well. Technical Cable Applications is the best option you can choose for your coaxial cable assembly needs, whether you’re in the telecommunications, manufacturing, industrial, agricultural, automotive or aerospace industries. We keep a great inventory of connectors and parts available at all times as best we can, and managed to do so even throughout the entire COVID-19 pandemic which helped keep us profitable and strong even during that global crisis. We are very proud of our status as premier United States cable manufacturers, and strive to always be resilient and innovative no matter what economic circumstances are going on. You can trust us to manufacture your cables with excellence no matter what. Call us today to get started on your coaxial cable assembly order!