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Month: October 2022

Bills of Material and Material Callouts

Material callouts

It can be incredibly helpful on a drawing to call out with a pointer where material should be used on the drawing.


  • Best practice is to callout items numbers on the physical layout, usually with a circled BOM item#.
  • This makes it much easier to identify which parts should be used together and where they should be used.
  • It’s also sometimes helpful to simply write part numbers directly next to items on a drawing.










Bills of Material

  • Best practice is to give a table with item numbers, those item numbers can be used for material callouts in the drawing.
  • Manufacturer part numbers for all components is ideal for all parts, except maybe where we stock generics like UL wire and heatshrink
  • We can certainly help with simplifying a BOM, but knowing exactly what materials we’re expected to use can be very helpful!