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Custom M12 Cables: Tailored Solutions for Automation and More!

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Custom M12 Cables: Tailored Solutions for Automation and More!

In the increasingly fast-paced world we live in today, automation is becoming not just a plus to have for many businesses, but a necessity for improving operational efficiency to meet budget and time restrictions. When not just a few, but all of the biggest players in any industry have begun implementing automation into much of their production, manufacturing, and processes, automation is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. This is the case for leaders in all kinds of industries including robotics, aerospace, logistics & shipping, military, medical and so many more. It’s simply not an option to avoid using automation for companies providing services across the nation or the world, because you will fall behind the competition in terms of efficiency. This includes software applications like artificial intelligence which are now becoming more prevalent, or the types of automation we’ve specialized in providing cables for since our founding in 2002.

One of the most frequently used and important types of connectors that power this automation is the ever reliable, compact and powerful M12 connector and the specialized cables we build that utilize said connectors. There are many variations on the standard M12 connector including the older M5, M8 and RJ45 styles that are all still extremely popular, and even within these types there are hundreds of different styles with the numbers of pins used, materials utilized, type of signal to be carried, and all sorts of other variables. We are experts in all of the possible variations, and even if you can imagine an M12 cable assembly with an exceedingly unusual configuration, we’ve probably manufactured something similar before due to our many years of experience and the plethora of businesses we’ve done orders for.

As a custom M12 cable and cable assembly manufacturer, here at Technical Cable Applications we specialize in crafting custom and off-the-shelf solutions tailored to meet the precise needs of our clients. We are ISO 9001:2015 and UL certified for cable assembly and are extremely experienced with M12 cables and assemblies and all the intricacies of the different kinds of M12 connectors, how they work with other types of connectors that we can also provide, and ensuring that they will be protected and durable for all your needs. You can trust us to manufacture your M12 custom cables order perfectly no matter how complex the specifications are.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your automation systems with our custom M12 cables that will provide exactly what you need and be built to last. Call us today or submit your cable drawing on our contact page to discuss your specific industry requirements!

M12 Cable Assembly

Full Service Contract Manufacturing Of Customized Or Off-The-Shelf M12 Cables And Connectors (Prototype To Manufacturing)

Searching for bulk M12 cable assembly solutions for your commercial manufacturing, building work, industrial production or factory automation? Technical Cable Applications is your custom or OEM M12 cable assembly expert as we excel in custom solutions and off-the-shelf manufacturing. Order your high quality M12 cables for industrial signal (sensor/actuator) as well as network (Ethernet/Fieldbus) communications from Technical Cable in the United States today. Just provide us with your cable drawing by emailing us at [email protected] or using our online contact form and attaching it. We’ll review your assemblies order and provide a quote as soon as possible based on your needs for connectors, materials, configurations, adapters and timeline for when your cables need to be assembled and shipped out.

Working with one of the top cable assemblies manufacturers of M12 cable and connectors means shorter lead times, higher quality products and lowered costs. Choose among multiple connectors and configurations that will work perfectly with your switches and sensors, along with jacketed cable materials that meet your protection needs for the factory, warehouse or field location where the cable assemblies will be in use. You’ll have a one-stop-shop for your cable requirements (off-the-shelf and custom) with Technical Cable Applications. Call us today to get a quote or send in your cable drawing online via our contact form. Include as much detail as you can about connectors, materials and any other details for a faster quote.

We are highly certified and credentialed and have been manufacturing cable assemblies for over 20 years, and our company has grown in capabilities and size exponentially since our original founding in 2002. Here are some of our many certifications for the United States, Canada and international cable assembly:

M12 Cable Assembly Manufacturing

Outsourced manufacturing is the smart way to scale your business without the overhead and complexity of handling manufacturing in-house. You can get assemblies manufactured using the M12 connectors that are the right specifications for your product or facility and the sensors and switches you need to use, and all sorts of other types of cable harnesses and assemblies produced in one place. This streamlines and simplifies everything for your team and reduces costs since we are capable of handling all of this and more in-house. We are capable of all individual parts of the manufacturing process as well, from sourcing connectors, parts, and materials to tricky procedures like crimping, solder work, tinning and assembly. We have highly specialized staff who are experts of all of these processes so that you don’t have to deal with it in-house.

Outsource Manufacturer USA-Wide

As one of the top outsourcing cable assembly manufacturers in the US, your business needs will be met from planning to prototyping to manufacturing and shipping with Technical Cable Applications. For both custom and off the shelf manufacturing of cable assemblies, our team is able to handle prototyping, testing, manufacturing, quality control, inspections and shipping so you can focus on other aspects of your company’s products knowing that Technical Cable Applications has your assembly and harness needs covered. Whether it’s bulk M12 cable and plug needs or custom cable and wire, choosing Technical Cable as your outsourced cable assembly partner means you get convenience, quality and reliability.

Nationwide Shipping

Your cables will be manufactured and shipped from our factory in Auburn, WA to anywhere in the USA, from Boston to NYC to Florida, Texas, California, Illinois and everywhere in between. We also ship to Canada, from Vancouver to Winnipeg to Toronto and Montreal. Finally, we also are capable of international shipping so even if you’re outside of North America, please contact us about your needs for custom cable assemblies. With all that said, if you are in the Seattle area we may be able to hand deliver your cable order: as Ben says in his review of TCA on Google, “Great support, fast turn-around, and since we are local they offered personal free delivery!”

Custom Cable And Harnesses

For customized cable and harnesses along with other connectors and types such as coaxial or RF, Ethernet, ECG, USB, HDMI, fiber optic, ATX, PCI, SATA, request a custom quote today. As your cable manufacturing partner, you can source everything you need in one place when you work with Technical Cable. We are proud to have an extremely creative team of engineers and assembly experts who are able to make your custom requirements happen and make the impossible possible. With cutting edge technology and our highly specialized facility, we’re able to prototype and test out custom cable assemblies based on your configurations rapidly and move onto production faster than the competition.

On-Site Engineers

With on-site, highly qualified engineers specializing in prototyping through to cable assembly, you’ll have direct access to the best minds in the industry. Leverage decades of experience and specialized knowledge in cable manufacturing and assembly so you get durable cable, greater connectivity and increased reliability. Whether you’re seeking 3-pin, 4-pin, 5-pin, 6-pin, 8-pin or 12-pin M12 connectors for automation, sensors and signal transmission, we’ll rapidly prototype your custom cable assembly and move to manufacturing sooner. For bulk M12 cable for any industry, such as: industrial manufacturingconstructionagricultureenergy, marine or telecommunications, talk to the experts.

Quality Assurance

The M12 cables produced in our factory is tested and approved according to IP rating IP67, assuring protection against dust and moisture so that they will continue to work reliably, communicating with your factory automation or other equipment using sensors and switches perfectly on time and ensuring that your operations are not interrupted. This also helps avoid power failures so that you don’t have to spend countless hours diagnosing where a loss of power came from within a complex cable assembly. We also test every order we ship out according to the requirements for IPC/WHMA-A-620 Standard Revision D, so that you can trust each of our cable assemblies to work as intended for the expected life of the cable and longer.


Benefits Of Outsourced M12 Cable Assemblies 

Safety – working with an ISO certified cable manufacturer (ISO 9001:2015) who produces M12 cable in accordance with IP rating IP67 protects your business, your staff and your clients.

Cost – outsourcing manufacturing allows you to plug into a proven system, from prototyping through to shipping, reducing your overall manufacturing costs. 

Reduced Downtime – quality, reliable cable means quick installation as well as either eliminating or significantly reducing downtime, essential in harsh and remote environments.

Robust Connectivity – durable cable and connectors keeps connectivity, speed and up-time to a maximum so that your automation’s sensors and switches get the information they need every time.

Flexibility – with multiple cables and connectors you’ll have total flexibility in manufacturing to suit your specific application and environment.

Reliability – meticulous manufacturing and testing ensures maximum reliability, reduced downtime and better connectivity between devices and networks.

Customization – fully customizable cable manufacturing means you get exactly what you’re looking for without compromise, all in one place.

Product Types & Features

Here are the cable types we produce along with key features…

Sensor/Actuator Cable Features:

  • PVC overmolded cables (Shielded and Non-Shielded Options) – allows for minor vibrations or movement
  • PUR overmolded cables (Shielded and Non-Shielded Options) – suitable for more demanding environments.
  • Key: A coded
  • IP67 rated: waterproof and dustproof
  • M12 Positions: 2, 3, 4, 5 & 8 poles
  • Cable lengths available: 0.5m, 1m, 1.5 m, 3m, 5m, 7m, and 10m; additional lengths for X-code: 2m, 4m, 15m, 20m
  • M12 single-ended and double ended cable assemblies

Industrial Ethernet Cable Features:

  • PUR, PVC or FRNC (Flame-Retardant Non-Corrosive) overmolded and shielded
  • IP67 rated: waterproof and dustproof
  • Key: D-coded
  • Single-ended and double-ended
  • M12 Positions: 4 poles
  • Cat 5e cables (100Mbps transmission rates)
  • Cable lengths: From 0.5m to 30m

Industrial, Fieldbus Cable Features

  • PVC or PUR (drag chain and torsion) overmolded and shielded cable assemblies
  • IP67 rated: waterproof and dustproof
  • Keys: A, B coded
  • M12 Positions: 2, 4, 5 poles
  • M12 5-pole, B-coded
  • M12 5-pole A coded
  • M12 4-pole A-coded
  • Cable lengths: 0.5m to 15m

Common cable applications include industrial machinery, industrial communications, industrial automation, vision systems and vehicle manufacturing. M12 cables are commonly used for automation as they are excellent for conveying both power and data to sensors and switches perfectly on time, which is critical for automated processes where hundreds of steps must be performed in the exact right order and timing to ensure that the process does not break down. Technical Cable Applications specializes in cable assemblies utilizing all types of M12 connectors, cable lengths, configurations of assemblies and materials so if you need M12 cable assemblies, we’re your team.



Whether you’re looking for off-the-shelf cable assemblies or custom M12 cable assembly, contact us for a customized quote. Bulk orders are custom-quoted to ensure accuracy and provide a full list of deliverables so that you can count on your cable arriving on time, every time.
Prototype And Scaling

With a full suite of electronic contract manufacturing services available, you can have all your cable assembly handled by one company, streamlining your ordering.

Whether you need a custom harness, cable or connector that will solve a new industry requirement/issue, or just need your existing assembly manufactured in bulk with better quality, talk to our experts.

Here’s how we’re different than other electronic contract manufacturers:

  • Most can only prototype but don’t have the ability to manufacture at scale
  • Many are large companies that don’t have engineers on staff to test out new concepts
  • Many just manufacture in bulk with no options for customization

But with Technical Cable, you get prototyping, customization and manufacturing all with one company.

Every step is taken in consultation with your team to ensure you get exactly what you need. 

Standard/Off The Shelf M12 Cables

Whether you have a straightforward request for M12 cable, M12 assembly or would like to minimize costs, you’ll have a range of cable and connectors to choose to manufacture.

Talk to us about off-the-shelf cable manufacturing today.

Customized M12 Cables

As a full service contract manufacturer you can fully customize your cable and connectors according to your specific needs.

Request custom specifications like:

  • Shielded or Non-Shielded cable assemblies
  • Coding
  • Length
  • Poles

You can also request electrical sensor and automation coding.

Whether you need male and/or female M12 connector parts or power generators to go with them, you can have these as well as prototype variations too. 



Having your cable manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility means increased efficiency and higher quality products.

Technical Cable certifications include:

  • ISO 9001:2015 certification for cable manufacturing.
  • UL certified for M12 cable assembly (USA and Canada)

Leverage two decades of experience in manufacturing of custom M12 harnesses and assemblies with Technical Cable.

Factory Upgrades And Efficiency

Factory upgrades over the past few years have increased efficiency by 300%.

This means you receive the same safe and reliable M12 cable assemblies as before but faster and more precisely.

Your order is fulfilled faster and you receive the cables you need sooner. 

With the 2021 purchase of a Schleuniger 36SP Crimp Center along with the purchases of additional cable molding centers, we’ve further automated our crimping and tinning processes for extra speed and precision.

As one of the best cable manufacturers in the USA, you’ll have access to fully customized cables along with any size bulk order, large or small.

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    M12 4 Pin Connector

    Needing a M12 4 pin connector manufacturing expert to help out with your next industrial or technical project? Technical Cable Applications in Washington state is your best option for all cable manufacturing needs. Our high quality cable manufacturing facility has been shipping and building cables, harnesses and much more all around the United States for decades, and we’re prepared to provide reliable M12 4 pin connectors for your company, project or construction. Our engineers and technicians can produce excellent M12 cables, whether you have an existing cable that needs to be manufactured faster and more precisely or need a custom solution that uses M12 connectors. Our custom cable engineers can prototype and test M12 cables for your needs, no matter the industry you need it for. 

    We have highly experienced teams for every step of the cable process including  prototyping, testing, manufacturing and shipping, so we are the M12 4 pin connector experts for every part of the process no matter your needs. Not only can we build custom M12 cables to meet your exact specifications, we use only the best and most trustworthy materials and manufacturing tools to make every cable and pin is reliable and safe. We invest into new tools and improving our facility each year and have only improved as being the best M12 4 pin connector manufacturer you can choose for your needs. 

    m12 4 pin connector

    M12 4 Pin

    Our cable manufacturing facility is in Auburn, Washington in King County but we can work with anyone in the US and make sure your product can be safely shipped to your location. This area is the perfect place to be a manufacturer in because of the proximity to so many industries and companies that thrive in Seattle, but it also allows us to ship to any location on the West Coast very easily and elsewhere in the States as well. Every new project is an opportunity for us to improve our craft even further and help create amazing buildings, facilities and tools that advance technology in the States further, so we’d love to discuss your project and see how we can help make it happen. We have expanded our facility’s manufacturing size by 50% just in 2022 and purchased additional cable molding and crimping tools in order to increase our efficiency, so we can serve you with more speed and efficiency even if you’re on the other side of the country.

    We take pride in being the best and most reliable suppliers for M12 4 pin connectors and all other M12 cable and harness products. We can also provide generators and power suppliers that will be just right for the M12 4 pin connector cables, both female and male connections. All of our manufacturing is done right here in the United States, and whole team works in the same facility making it easy for us to prototype and test new cable blueprints in-house and consolidate the process. While we’re proud to be a United States based manufacturer, we made the effort to pass the ISO’s 9001:2015 certification as a cable manufacturer in 2021 to confirm that our manufacturing processes and products are good enough not just for America, but other countries around the world as well. No matter the industry your cable needs are stemming from, or the location of your business, Technical Cable Applications has you covered with excellent cable manufacturing solutions for your M12 4 pin connector needs. 

    M12 4 Pin Cable

    We also have a unique advantage of being equipped to produce and manufacture Ethernet cables for your project as well, to help cover that need if required. One of our unique advantages is the ability to manufacture M12 Ethernet wires and cables (often known as D Coded Connectors) alongside manufacturing standard connectors and all our other products. If you’re in need of high speed data Ethernet cables that are highly durable and reliable, or even completely custom to fit your unique product or project need, we can manufacture them with extreme accuracy and quality. There’s no need to make your cables in-house or force your products to work with off the shelf cables that aren’t as high quality or powerful when Technical Cable can handle making products exactly the way you need them. Especially in industries where cable failures can be catastrophic like the aerospace, cybersecurity, marine or medical fields, there’s no room to cheap out on poor cables that won’t hold up to your business’s needs. We would love to see the cable you need manufactured or the requirements you have for a brand new cable, and speak with you to discuss partnering with us for your cable needs.

    Our team of engineers and testers can prototype your custom M12 4 pin connectors to make sure they can handle your project-specific needs. If you need your cable to fit into a very tight space, or be weatherproofed for intense outdoor heat conditions, or any other specific requirements you have, our team can work with you and test a cable that’s perfect for your need. Once the cable is finalized, our manufacturing team will build the amount you need with extreme high quality standards and ship them out to you safely. We partner with shipping companies that do excellent work and can get you your products on time and ensure that the cables we work so hard on are transported properly. We also do our best to keep a solid inventory of M12 and other connectors so that we can quickly prototype custom cables and get started on orders quickly.

    By using Technical Cable Applications, you’re finding much more than just a builder for your M12 4 pin connectors. Our M12 manufacturing company is renowned in the industry of cables for building the best products on the market. Let’s get started together! Contact us today online or via our sales phone line. 

    M12 Connector

    Seeking an M12 connector manufacturing company to assist with your next big industrial, manufacturing or automation project? Look no further than Technical Cable Applications, located in the state of Washington, in the greater Seattle area. Our manufacturing company has been manufacturing and shipping M12 connectors, wires and many other cable solutions throughout the United States for many years, and now we’re ready to provide reliable M12 connector solutions for your company, upcoming project or other needs. We handle all steps of the process including prototyping, testing, assembly and shipping, meaning that we are the M12 connector company for your needs no matter how big your project is. As M12 connector builders, we focus first and foremost on providing high quality in our connectors and all their pin, sensor and connection components. Our facility is located in King County, Washington, but we spread our efforts to manufacturing and shipping M12 connectors across the nation with great shipping partners. Our customers on both the East and West coast will tell you that is there no substitute for the quality Technical Cable Applications brings to their products and projects. We love coming alongside companies, manufacturers and industrial powerhouses with the perfect M12 connector for their specific needs. We can do this for you as well!

    m12 connector

    M12 Cable Connector

    We pride ourselves on being the most professional, reliable and trustworthy suppliers for M12 pin connectors, electrical sensor needs, and automation coding needs. We are capable of providing power generators and suppliers using both female and male M12 connector parts. We manufacture these electrical items and cables right here in our Washington facility, and also are able to specially prototype custom cables and assemblies for any customers’ needs. One of our unique advantages is the ability to manufacture Ethernet wire alongside manufacturing connectors and all our other products. We promise that anything you desire is possible when you work alongside TCA, no matter the scope of your M12 connector needs. We will treat your project as our own! Whether you need a custom made M12 connector solution, wire products or other cable molding system needs, our facility can handle it. Our coding experts can help prototype the perfect M12 connector solution whether you need straightforward cabling, or a complex harness for your product line with multiple connectors including M12, Ethernet, and whatever else you require. Meanwhile our testing team will make sure it can handle your specific needs, whether it needs to be a micro connector and fit in very small spaces, be waterproof or heatproof for outdoor needs, or any other specific requirements you have for data transfer speed or power supply. Finally, our manufacturing and assembly teams are professionals who will complete the final connectors with precision and care before shipping them out to you. We value every step of the process greatly and do everything possible to ensure that no portion of production slips through the cracks and causes a quality issue, nor holds up progress and prevents us from making deadlines. While the COVID-19 global pandemic is still affecting logistics and worldwide manufacturing efforts even at the time of writing in 2022, we are committed to staying as efficient and on time as possible with every order, which includes keeping a strong inventory of connectors and supplies as best as we can, and continuing to improve our manufacturing speed with new equipment as long as it allows us to maintain our quality standard. We use automated work instruction systems developed with our partners at Scout Systems that are extremely advanced, purchased a Schleuniger 36SP Crimp Center in 2022 that has greatly increased our efficiency with crimping steps, and acquired new molding equipment and dies that allow our in-house molding processes to be far more versatile and get orders done sooner.

    m12 connector

    M12 Socket

    By using Technical Cable Applications, you’re finding much more than just a builder or supplier for your M12 connector cables and harnesses. Our M12 connector cable manufacturing company is renowned in the industry of cable production, and so many others with customers who value us for building the best cables, harnesses and assemblies on the market with an incredibly high quality standard, but the flexibility to manufacture almost any cable you might need. We have been operating our cable manufacturing facility since 2002, and our goal is to be here for many more decades to come and always stay on the bleeding edge of technology. Rather than just doing the minimum to get the job done and only updating our processes, equipment and facility when it’s absolutely required by law or by industry, we are constantly improving our facility, tools and best practices to make sure we can not just keep up, but stay ahead with new connector types, new power and data transfer requirements while continuing to maintain the best possible quality and efficiency like we have had for two decades. So many industries are advancing extremely quickly in what can be done and what is expected in terms of performance, like aerospace, cybersecurity, automation, and cloud storage, and their power and speed requirements are advancing exponentially with this progress. This means that there is no room for being behind on the times with our cables, assemblies and harnesses powering their efforts, and we do everything we can to ensure that doesn’t happen. We’ve increased the size and capability of our manufacturing facility many times over throughout the years, including another 50% increase in the facility’s real estate just in 2022. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, and hold to the IPC/WHMA-A-620 Revision D standard for our quality control as a company. We’re also UL certified for cable assembly in the United States and Canada. The choice is obvious, choose Technical Cable Applications so we can get started together on solving your custom cable needs! Contact us today. We have our sales team here in Auburn, Washington along with a southwestern team established in Phoenix, Arizona as of 2022, so whether you’re in the Northwest or Southwest we would be open to meeting with you in person if you prefer.

    Contract Manufacturers M12 Cable

    When it comes to working alongside a contract manufacturer for your M12 cable needs, it’s important to work with a trustworthy and reliable company that you can trust. While there are many contract manufacturers and related affiliates across the United States, selecting the right manufacturer for your project is an important corporate responsibility. 

    The M12 cable is a highly sought after custom wire connector, with many uses and abilities. Many corporations are utilizing the unique benefits that come with these particular connectors, and you must ensure that you’re getting the highest quality product available to you for your project. With remote accessibility and easy communication, our team in the state of Washington are here for your custom cable and wire needs. 

    Manufacturers M12 Cable

    We are the leading manufacturer of M12 on the West Coast. With decades of experience under our belts, we are proud to say that our abilities are elite, and top of class! When you work with our team, you’re gaining a business partner. We aim to exceed the expectations of our clients, and hope to work with you for years to come. Our prototyping abilities are phenomenal, and we make it a priority to be communicating with you throughout the process of manufacturing connectors.

    No matter what type of project you need an M12 cable manufacturer for, we’re here for you! Call our trustworthy electrical experts for any information regarding cable manufacturing, cable assemblies, wire harnesses, or any M12 cable project. We’ve established secure and successful relationships with businesses and corporations across the United States, and we are qualified to take on your company’s project. 

    Purchase M12 Cables

    We build our M12 connector units by using back-shells, in addition to wireable connecting agents. We’ve invested in high performance mold-dies to improve our ability to over-mold the M12 cable connectors. We are one of the sole companies across the United States to domestically mold M12 cables. This remains our advantage, as we have the ability to create large and small production runs of cable assemblies. 

    If you’re a purchaser looking for M12 connector cable products for your company, give our team of suppliers and manufacturers a call. We have a highly reputable and established team on our assembly line, and they’re ready to take on your project! We deliver high quality industrial products to give our customers the results they need. 

    M12 Cable Manufacturer

    Looking for a manufacturer for your next project, and looking for an M12 cable builder or wire manufacturing company? We are Technical Cable Applications, located in Washington State near Seattle. For decades we’ve been building M12 cables and wire for purchasers across the United States, and we’re here to help you with reliable cable manufacturing for your next project. From prototyping to our our high quality production, we’re the contract cable industrialist for you. 

    As M12 cable manufacturers, we take pride in the value of our projects. We are located in the heart of Pierce County, Washington, but we focus our efforts on manufacturing M12 cable byproducts across the nation. We’ve been providing companies and other manufacturers with the M12 cable they need for their specific project, and we can do the same for you. 

    We create solutions for all robotic and automated systems. If your project requires an M12 cable or unique wire, we’re available to make sure your prototype and ideas come to life.  

    M12 Manufacturing

    We are professional and reliable suppliers for electrical and power products and wire. We are the suppliers and power generators for both female and male parts. We build these electrical parts locally, and have the ability to customize them for each customer’s needs. Our unique advantage is our ability to combine the manufacturing of the molded Ethernet alongside the remainder of our companies premier manufacturing abilities. We believe that anything is possible when you work alongside a qualified contract manufacturer. We care about your project, and work around the clock to ensure it’s completed to the best of our ability. We aim to exceed your expectations! 

    In any scenario where you need a custom made M12 cable or wire product, our company is at your disposal. We have a large team of professionals working on the assembly line, who are trained to create perfect cables. Our cable assembly is what allows our team to be the leading company for M12 cable manufacturing, and our number one goal is customer satisfaction. Until you’re completely satisfied with the product we’ve built for you, we’ll keep working. 

    M12 Cable Distributors

    At Technical Cable Applications, you’re getting more than a builder for your M12 cables. If you’re looking for a conductor, we can help. You’re also getting an outsourced partner and team member.   When we begin working with a company, it’s important to us to ensure we establish an excellent business relationship. We hope you’ll continue to use our company as a resource for any industrial cable project. Our M12 manufacturing team is well known in the industry of cable manufacturing to build the best products on the market. Let’s work together! 

    M12 Cable

    M12 Cable

    Technical Cable Applications based in Auburn, WA is your best pick for M12 cable manufacturing needs. Whether you just need an established product built and produced in bulk with excellent quality, or if you need a more custom solution involving M12 connectors, the engineers and manufacturers at Technical Cable Applications are the obvious choice. We employ the best of the best and take care of our staff with excellent benefits, so that they can work at their best and continue producing the best cable solutions in the industry.

    We also use the best equipment in the industry to ensure that our quality assurance is always top of the line, and strive to keep extremely high standards of quality in all of our work that is good enough for any nation in the world. We acquired a Schleuniger 36SP Crimp Center and passed our ISO 9001:2015 Certification in 2021, showing our dedication to making excellent products and being as safe as possible while doing it.

    Since 2002, Technical Cable has been an industry leader in the cable and wire manufacturing space. The landscape has shifted dramatically as the need for high speed Internet connection and data transfer has spread to essentially all industries regardless of their location, and we’ve always stayed on the bleeding edge of making the highest quality cable options. We will continue to do so as technology evolves further and each industry becomes more complex, as we love the challenge of meeting new requirements.

    M12 Cable Company

    Industrial Ethernet cables are the industry standard for rugged data connections. These include M12 and M8 standard Ethernet connectors. They are used in a wide variety of industries, including robotics, warehouse automation, machine vision systems, aerospace, medical, automotive, agriculture, manufacturing, marine, and utilities.

    The miniature circular m12 connector creates a firm environmental seal with its mating receptacle that will withstand more extreme strain and harsher environments than counterparts offering the same continuity. Many of our customers in these industries have replaced standard RJ45 type connections with our molded M12 cables, drastically increasing ruggedness and reliability while still offering incredible speeds for data transfer and connection to the Internet. There’s no need to fret about your RJ45 cables fraying or failing at crucial times when our M12 solutions are strong enough for most applications. We can also create harnesses and assemblies that offer further protection for your cables from the elements or hazardous substances, so you can know that your data transfer will not fail when you need it most.

    Industrial Ethernet powers automation in all kinds of discrete devices in a wide swath of industries. We work in close partnership with manufacturers and specialists in both M12 cable and high flex wire and cable. We now have cable assemblies capable of extremely high flex cycle counts, creating a robust solution for automation and robotics scenarios where mobility is required and constant. We also use powerful automated equipment ourselves to ensure quality, so we know how important it is to have excellent and reliable cables throughout your equipment to ensure that products are manufactured on time and with no loss in quality as compared to handmade options.

    M12 Cables can be built using assembled back-shells and field wire-able connectors. However, TCA has invested in the highly specialized mold dies to over-mold M12 cable connectors in our factory in Auburn, WA, USA. We remain one of the very few companies in the country to mold M12 cables domestically. This allows us to make large and small production runs of custom cable assemblies utilizing our customers required pinouts, key configuration, connector orientation for both male and female, and specifications.

    Ethernet M12 Cable

    We mold male and female M12 cables in straight or right-angle orientations. Different connector keying options and locations are available depending on the customer specific requirements. Our M12 cables are molded utilizing Henkel TECHNOMELT OM646, a polyamide Shore A92 rated thermoplastic for low pressure rapid injection molding. We can produce cable parts, both male and female, that are shielded throughout the length of the assembly from electromagnetic interference (EMI), and capable of 500MHZ speeds.

    M12 Cable

    Since we manufacture these male and female parts locally, we can modify them to meet very specific customer requirements. Creating a custom harness that includes M12 or M8 connectors, standard RJ45, and other industry or customer specific connectors is completely possible. The advantage is the ability to integrate custom manufacturing of molded industrial Ethernet with the rest of our custom cable manufacturing capabilities. This allows us to make highly specialized, completely custom harnesses and assemblies for our customers regardless of their industry or specialization.

    We are a manufacturing partner with a focus on cable assemblies, including a high proficiency in the industrial Ethernet and M12 connector space. This makes Technical Cable Applications a tier 1 networking partner for US OEMs that require connections coded for their product in an increasingly automated world. Most companies no longer can get by with old school options and now need high speed data transfer options to keep up with demand, and we’d love to help you get up to speed. Our M12 cable solutions are perfect for manufacturers across all kinds of industries, and for all sorts of projects and products. Whether your company is building aerospace vehicles for commercial space travel, creating the next incredible medical device that will save lives, or making new strides in the cryptocurrency field, we would love to partner with you and produce extremely high quality cables that will fit your power and telecommunications needs.

    We are the M12 Cable Manufacturer for your next project. Our M12 cable solutions are excellent quality and mean that you never have to worry about product failure. We hold to the IPC/WHMA-A-620 Standard Revision D requirements for all our procedures and have some of the top cable engineers and manufacturers in the nation on staff. Offering Contract Cable Manufacturing for M12 Cables for all companies in the United States. Call us today with your cable drawing or requirements so we can get to work!

    Custom Fiber Optic Cables

    Technical Cable Applications is your optimal choice for Ethernet, Cat-6, and custom fiber optic cables or cable assemblies that are highly customized to fit your product, server house, automated warehouse, or telecommunications hub and its unique needs. We are extremely knowledgeable and experienced with all forms of fiber data transfer cables and connectors as well including M12, coaxial, and all its variants such as Micro and RF, FAKRA, ribbon cables, and more. This means that no matter the application your fiber optic cable assemblies will be serving, and the complexity of their configurations, we can assemble hundreds or thousands of them with exacting precision after helping customize them down to the very last connector to fit your needs and specifications. We have been in business since 2002 and are fully UL certified for cable assembly in the United States and Canada, along with being ISO 9001:2015 certified for international standards as well. We also are ITAR certified for the United States in regards to defense contracting, showcasing our versatility and extremely high manufacturing quality for fiber optic cables, patch panels and much more. When you compare our qualifications to smaller custom cable manufacturers, we are at the top of our field providing highly customized cable assemblies like we always have at the best quality possible, but in bulk quantities smaller companies can’t match.

    Custom Fiber Optic Cables

    Custom Fiber Cables – Shielded Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

    If your need for fiber optical cables and patch sections includes them being in any sort of environmentally hazardous conditions, or even just encountering minimal but persistent damage over time from repeated contact, adjustment, etc., you need to ensure that your custom cable configuration is carefully shielded with not just any material, but specifically ones that will protect your fiber optic assemblies from harsh environments and prevent packet loss or full data interruptions. The actual fiber optic cables themselves must be made with durable materials as well in these cases. Our team are experts in the areas of molding, crimping, assembly and tinning for custom cable production, along with having in-depth knowledge about the ideal materials to use for all sorts of scenarios. For instance, one cable assembly material we often use for situations where temperature can vary widely i.e. outdoor applications is the polyamide known as Macromelt OM 946, which has a hardness rating of 92A and can continue operating safely in temps as low as -40 degrees Celsius and as high as 100 degrees Celsius which covers both extremes very easily. This is excellent for protecting not only fiber assemblies but all sorts of other connectors  and applications, and we have many more materials we’ll use depending on your need.

    Our custom fiber optics cable and patch solutions enable you to reach higher performance standards with incredible reliability and implement the cables into your products or facility right away. Rather than ordering OEM or off-the-shelf fiber optic cables with no customization and having to adapt them on the fly to your project, or trying to manufacture custom cables and patch panels in-house without the right equipment, ordering custom fiber optic and Cat-6 cables produced by Technical Cable Applications will be far more efficient and provide the best performance possible. We’ll take care of all the customization, patch needs, material and part sourcing and shielding requirements. We also work with nearshore manufacturing facilities who help us provide extremely fast lead times and lower our MOQ requirements, which can be very beneficial for highly customized cable assemblies, patch panels and configurations. You can benefit directly from our partnerships with these facilities by partnering with us at Technical Cable Applications for your custom cable needs today!

    Need specialized fiber optic cables and patch systems for harsh environments or tight spaces? We are able to provide ruggedized and armored fiber optic cable assemblies for situations where standard cables and patch panels will be too fragile, or use bend-insensitive fibers to help ensure that your fiber optic cable assembly and any patch panels will be highly compact and fit within the small space you need. We can also take care of finer fiber optic details and ensure your fiber optic assembly meets even extremely strict requirements for bandwidth, attenuation, dispersion and signal integrity as all of these factors are extremely important for many industries, and must be precisely to specifications when testing to stay in compliance.

    Fiber Cable With Custom Connector – Fiber Optic Cable Solutions

    If you require bulk custom fiber optic cable solutions for your manufacturing or cloud computing needs, please contact us today with your cable drawing and specifications so we can get started! We’d be happy to take a look right away and get to work on providing a quote for you. Our team will provide you with an exact quote and expected lead times, and consult with you about any questions related to your fiber cables. We keep a strong inventory of all sorts of connectors and materials in-house so that we can begin prototyping and testing quickly for your custom solution. Fill out our online contact form or contact us at [email protected], and make sure to attach your cable drawing and any other details about quantity, materials and timeline.

    Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturers

    With our facility in the Puget Sound area, one of the most technologically advanced and continually growing parts of the United States, Technical Cable Applications is perfectly placed to serve corporations and companies in need of cutting edge cable assemblies innovation. Our custom contract manufacturing solutions are unmatched and will help you reach new goals and meet stricter specifications, or reach new heights with your product line quickly and painlessly. With over two decades of cable assemblies manufacturing experience, a highly technologically advanced facility, and our unending fixation on quality above all else, Technical Cable Applications has more than earned its reputation as a top custom cable assemblies manufacturer in North America.

    Our expansive range of manufacturing, extensive experience of both our leaders and technicians, and customer-focused approach make Technical Cable Applications the premier choice for companies in need of custom cable assembly contract manufacturing solutions. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified for cable assemblies, which is an internationally recognized standard. We are also UL certified for cable assembly in the United States and Canada, and are now ITAR certified as well so we can provide our manufacturing capabilities to US defense manufacturers. We also ship internationally so even if you’re outside of North America, please reach out as our logistics capabilities are vast, allowing us to work with companies around the world.

    Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturers

    Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturers USA

    Striving for perfection with our cable assemblies is core to everything we do here at Technical Cable Applications. The highly advanced cable assemblies manufacturing facility we have built over 20 years of work is equipped with extremely powerful equipment, like our Schleuniger 36SP Crimp Center that offers unparalleled crimping and tinning efficiency, and has massively increased our speed in those areas so we can ship out more cable assemblies with the same quality control. We also ensure that every part of the manufacturing process is done by industry leading, highly skilled cable assemblies professionals who are dedicated to stringent testing and quality control.

    We are able to meet and exceed requirements for randomly done UL audits to ensure that our certification doesn’t lapse, and we hold to IPC/WHMA-A-620 Standard Revision D for our quality control practices. We also utilize automated work instruction systems developed in partnership with Scout Systems, which have enabled us to maximize efficiency for every step of manufacturing cable assemblies, and have an extremely detailed inventory system as well to ensure that we not only know exactly which parts and connectors need to be obtained for a new custom cable assemblies order, but also can track down exactly which part has an issue in the event of a testing failure and its full history of when it came to our facility and who manufactured it, so we can avoid similar issues in the future with faulty components.

    Wire Harness Assembly Manufacturer

    Here at Technical Cable Applications, our team has a diverse and long history of serving almost any industry you can think of with our custom and specialized cable assemblies manufacturing solutions. Even when we first started our wire harnesses and cable assemblies manufacturing journey in a far smaller facility in 2002, we were already committed to producing extremely high quality cable solutions and that has not changed in our twenty years of experience and learning since then. Each cable assemblies order we’ve completed in that time has increased our knowledge and we do our best to never make the same error twice, especially now that our automated work instruction systems track everything in such detail. We are more well-equipped than ever to meet your cable assemblies’ unique requirements but have the same hunger to constantly improve and provide the best cable manufacturing solutions possible. You can be confident that our cable assemblies will last you for years to come and be extremely reliable.

    We have the technical expertise and experience to provide custom cable assemblies with just about any connector, component, or configuration you need to have included or utilized in the assemblies. We have the capability of producing cable assemblies and wire harnesses using components from all the top brands such as TE, Mouser, JST, Hirose and more. We also can manufacture complex or simple assemblies for all kinds of applications, such as M12 cables for industrial engineering support, Ethernet cables or fiber optic cable assemblies for high speed data transfer, coaxial cables for telecommunications and broadcast needs or more unusual types like triaxial, ribbon, SATA and more for electronics, automotive, marine, aerospace, agriculture and more. Just provide your custom cable drawing and we’ll be happy to give you a custom quote.

    What Sets Technical Cable Applications Apart?

    Our commitment to offering innovation and specialized custom solutions, while maintaining quality that goes above the industry standard truly separates Technical Cable Applications from the crowd of companies offering to manufacture your cables. Give us a call or send your cable drawing to [email protected] to request a custom cables or cable assemblies quote!

    Triax Cable Assemblies

    The average consumer is likely familiar with the common coaxial cable, due to its usage in all kinds of applications over the past several decades. What the average consumer does not know is that there are a great number of variations on the standard coaxial cable for different needs, whether for additional protection, power loss prevention, extra fast data transfer or highly specialized needs. One of these variations that is less commonly used, but still very much an important type for many industries, is the triaxial cable and connector. While more intricate than the simple coaxial cable many are familiar with, this variation is extremely durable and offers lossless data transmission.

    Triax Cable Assemblies

    Triaxial cables offer a second layer of insulation and typically can carry more bandwidth than the basic coaxial cable, while avoiding loss of data or power that simpler coaxial cables are more prone to under stress. While this increases the cost greatly for long range applications where thousands of feet of cable are needed, triaxial cables are excellent for shorter-range applications where loss of power or data is simply not an option. Technical Cable Applications can manufacture off-the-shelf or custom triaxial cable assemblies, or just about any other coaxial variation you can think of. This includes classic coaxial, twinaxial, triaxial, Miniature coaxial, Micro coaxial and semi-rigid coaxial options, and if needed we can work multiple connector types to fit nicely together into a single assembly, which we promise will be manufactured perfectly from the very first to the very last assembly you utilize from your order with us. We utilize automated work instruction systems developed in partnership with Scout Systems to ensure that we are as efficient and precise as possible, manufacturing high quality cable assemblies as quickly as possible. We also have highly advanced crimping and tinning equipment like our Schleuniger 36SP Crimp Center, which tripled our speed of doing these tricky processes while also maintaining and even improving quality after its initial acquisition.

    Triaxial Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses

    At Technical Cable Applications, we can manufacture all kinds of triax cable assemblies, both as off-the-shelf builds of your existing cable drawing, or more custom solutions as needed. While the most common sizes of triax cable are 8, 11 and 14 mm, and the most typical resistance level is 75 ohms, we are able to produce highly custom triaxial cables according to your cable specifications in complex configurations, with all sorts of other connector types as required. We can produce custom triax assemblies for businesses across many industries, including:

    triax cableBroadcast: Streaming and broadcast triax cable assemblies are excellent for the needs of broadcasting and media companies. Triaxial cables provide near lossless signal transmission and can withstand physical damage better than the standard coaxial. This makes them ideal for video equipment and connecting various systems together, especially in fast moving, high traffic environments like stadiums. They are also great for satellite and camera related connections which is obviously excellent for television and broadcast needs. It can also be helpful for concerts and other live venue events, even if there is not a live television or streaming element involved since many concert graphics use real time camera feeds. Please contact us about your broadcast cable needs with your cable drawing.

    triax cable Aerospace: We are equipped to manufacture aerospace specific triaxial cable assemblies, as we have equipment and thorough testing that helps us ensure we meet the extremely strict requirements any aerospace product or facility must hold to. Triaxial cables are suitable for aerospace applications like avionics, communications via satellite and air control facilities in general. Their inherent durability, prevention of interference and quality of transmission without packet loss are all excellent benefits that aerospace vehicles and control facilities need whenever possible for safe and efficient flights. Please contact us about any aerospace projects to find out if we are a good fit for your manufacturing needs.

    triax cableGovernment/Military: Similar to the aerospace industry, cables utilized by the government or military must be built to resist damage and offer reliable signal transfer no matter the harshness of the environment. As discussed, triaxial cable assemblies do this excellently and are often a great fit for these applications. We are capable of manufacturing triaxial cable assemblies for military needs like special telecommunication systems, facilities and equipment. We are ITAR certified as well so we are extra well equipped for military and government work for the US. Please contact us about your government and military adjacent needs, and send us your cable drawing so we can determine whether it’s something that would fit our capabilities.

    triax cableMarine: Whether it’s for naval or commercial purposes, satellite communication is utilized frequently by sea faring vehicles as well which triaxial cables are perfectly suited for. Marine electronics need to be tough, have great range and be resistant to salt water whenever possible which we can help with by manufacturing with water resistant and highly durable materials as needed. We can help with your marine cable assembly and wire harness needs, but please send us your cable drawing first so we can determine if we’re a good fit for manufacturing your cable drawing. Our team would be glad to talk through it with you and determine next steps.

    Custom Cables Order from TCA

    Technical Cable Applications is certified for cable assembly manufacturing in the United States and Canada by UL, and is internationally certified as a cable assembly manufacturer by the ISO 9001:2015 standard too. We hold to IPC/WHMA-A-620 Standard Revision D for our inspection and quality control practices, to ensure that every shipment goes out with excellently manufactured and reliable cable assemblies that will work exactly as you expect. You can trust Technical Cable with your cable assembly needs whether you need coaxial, triaxial, M12, or all sorts of other cable types. We are also able to ensure that your cables will integrate perfectly with your product or system, whether it needs to work with TE, Mouser, Hirose or other specific brands of connectors. Just give us a call or contact us with your cable drawing so we can get started!