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Month: July 2022

USB Cable Assemblies

USB cable assemblies are a cost-effective way to connect electronic devices. When first introduced, USB connectors and cable assemblies connected peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, cameras, and storage devices to computers. Now USB cable assemblies are everywhere and used for everything from programming systems in automobiles, connecting medical equipment, and charging cell phones for everyday use.

USB Assembly

Technical Cable Applications is your one stop shop for Off-The-Shelf USB cable assemblies. TCA offers a variety of USB 2 through USB 3.2 standard cables with various connector types in different lengths. Read More

Off-The-Shelf Cable Assemblies

Off-The-Shelf (OTS) cable assemblies are already made cable assemblies and wiring harnesses for a variety of standard applications.  There are tremendous advantages to purchasing off the shelf product.  Most notably are lower cost and immediate delivery.  Technical Cable Applications is best known for the custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses produced in our Auburn, Washington facility.   TCA also offers a huge variety of Off-The Shelf cable assemblies that are in stock in warehouses throughout the country.

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