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Off-The-Shelf Cable Assemblies

Off-The-Shelf (OTS) cable assemblies are already made cable assemblies and wiring harnesses for a variety of standard applications.  There are tremendous advantages to purchasing off the shelf product.  Most notably are lower cost and immediate delivery.  Technical Cable Applications is best known for the custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses produced in our Auburn, Washington facility.   TCA also offers a huge variety of Off-The Shelf cable assemblies that are in stock in warehouses throughout the country.

With Off-The-Shelf Cable assemblies much of the planning work is already done, so engineering costs are minimized.  Off-The-Shelf cable assemblies are made in huge volumes, using highly automated processes, which dramatically lower the cost of materials and manufacturing costs.  Many of the cables come in a rainbow of colors and are available in different lengths to be a perfect fit for many applications. In addition, cables are made to industry standards with compliance certification already attached.  Delivery times for standard configurations can be days instead of the weeks or months needed sometimes to build custom assemblies.  When purchased from a reputable dealer like TCA the highest quality is assured.

Off the Shelf Cable Types

Some of the more common types of Off-The-Shelf cable assemblies offered by Technical Cable Applications include  Power Cords, M12 Cables, USB Cables, Network, HDMI, Display Port, Fiber Optic, Audio, and Printer Cables.  Also available are internal cables – ATX, PCI, and SATA Cables to name a few.


You may need a cable that is not available as Off-The-Shelf assembly or in a configuration that is not standard.  Since Technical Cable Applications specializes in the manufacture of custom cable assembly customization can be quite easy.  Please Contact Technical Cable Applications technical specialists for assistance with your Off-The-Shelf or Custom Cable Assembly requirements today.