We Are Proud to Announce Our ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Oct 21, 2021 Technical Cable Blog
Custom Cable Manufacturers Auburn, WA

Continuing in our commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction Technical Cable Applications is proud to announce our ISO 9001:2015 Certification.  I would like to share why this is important to us…  and to you.

Technical Cable Applications is a contract manufacturer of cable assemblies and wiring harnesses . The company has undergone tremendous growth over the past year adding 30% more employees, additional production equipment and manufacturing technologies. This has also demanded a rapid evolution of processes and procedures. While our systems have kept pace with the change, it was realized to continue our upward trend a standardization of our management practices was the next logical step.

 “ISO 9001, the world’s most recognized Quality Management Standard, is a set of requirements that guide organizations in implementing standardized management practices to improve quality and customer satisfaction. It is used by about one and a half million companies in more than 190 countries” (What Is ISO 9001 (9001council.org))

Technical Cable Applications Quality Policy

 “We ensure customer requirements and experiences are met, and then exceed their expectations by being driven through continuous improvements of our quality objectives and management system and complying with all applicable regulations and requirements.”

Increased Efficiency, Fewer Mistakes, Less Wasted Time

The ISO 9001:2015 quality management system includes detailed procedures and work instructions. This insures the effective operation and control of all processes.  Requirements for employee competence through training are a factor in achieving less scrap, waste, and rework.

Better Quality Products and Services- Reduced Overall Risk

Adhering to customer requirements is a must.   Since our processes are carefully documented and followed our customers can be assured that the products received will be meet their standards and be consistent in quality.

Risk-based thinking helps guarantee that any issues are eliminated or minimized before they can happen. In the rare event issues do arise root cause analysis assures that they are rectified quickly and permanently.

Happier And More Competent Employees

Our employees are our most valued resource. Empowering and engaging employees is one of ISO’s core principles.  It encourages goal-oriented employee training, along with thorough training evaluation. This gives the employees the confidence and competence to perform well. The standard’s focus on defined responsibilities and authorities ensures empowerment and promotes employee contribution which leads to a more creative and satisfying work culture.  

Improved Customer Satisfaction

We believe the importance of meeting and exceeding customer expectations can’t be overemphasized.  We know that satisfied customers will keep coming back and that our future growth depends on it. 

Technical Cable Applications is ready to make you a satisfied customer.   Please contact our technical specialists for assistance with your all your cable assembly and harness needs. 

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