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Automated Wire Processing

Jun 4, 2021 Technical Cable Blog

Automated wire processing for previously manual processes allows Technical Cable Applications to improve efficiency, increase productivity, assure higher quality, and meet customer demands now and into the future.


The Schleuniger 36SP Crimp Center is equipped with two crimping stations, crimp height monitor controls, a seal loading station, a tinning station, a wire pre-feeder, and a specialized Tooling Shuttle System.


The Tooling Shuttle System and a control system with optimized parameter settings allow changeover time from one crimp to another in less than 60 seconds for minimal setup time. Wire ranges from 10 to 26 gauge and wire lengths from 55mm to 65 meters and the ability to manage both open and closed barrel terminals will address most requirements for individual wires and harnesses. The tinning station adds flux and unleaded solder to the wire greatly speeding that operation. The Seal Loading Station will accommodate most seals that are available, eliminating the need to hand load seals prior to crimping.

Innovation and Automation

Technical Cable Applications is one of the leading manufacturers of cable assemblies and wiring harnesses. The company has recently added a new computerized system to allow for real time work instruction for most workstations, additional Injection molding equipment, additional cable and wire process tooling and most recently (June 2021) this new Schleuniger Crimping Center. These additions are just part of what has been put in place to assure the company is competitive and can turn product more quickly and with greater precision.

Technical Cable Applications can put automated wire processing to work for you. Please contact our technical sales staff for assistance.